Mary Ellen Tynan

THANK YOU to all for attending yesterday's House of Delegates!

Here are the important highlights!

1. Jim Willis is the new Senior Chair. Congratulations! Thank you Mike Schmidt for all of your hard work the last three or more years.

2. Governance Committee is finalizing it's open position.

3.  The 2021-2022 budget was amended to provide additional funding for learn to swim and water safety programs. More details to follow!

4. The 2021-22  Meet Calendar for September-March was approved.  Additional meets may be addition by requesting a sanction or approval at least 14 days before the meet. Please note there are some exciting new changes to the calendar. The D1 and D2 Meets are being updated to clinic-meet events.  We are working with USA Swimming to finalize the details.  Also, since Bowdoin is unable to host the Bowdoin Open again this year, LRSC has stepped up and in conjunction with MESI will host a Senior Meet Dec 3-5th weekend.  This will be a FAST meet so stay tuned for qualifying times and further details.  Maine Winter Champs has been confirmed (for now) at the University of Maine, Orono. Fingers crossed things can go forward as planned!

5. MESI is continuing to take bids for Open Meets in May-August as planning continues with Colby College. Expect to see a firm calendar in February if not sooner.

In addition, the Banquet may undergo some exciting changes this year too. The tentative date is April 30th (or May 1st). Mark your calendar and we hope to have some exciting news soon!