News for Officials:

2020 Registration: Before registering for 2020, please go to the USA-S website and view your meet history in OTS. If any meets are missing, contact Nicole Viele (207)380-6140 so they can be entered before you register for 2020. If you do not, your 2020 membership card may not have the "Official" status noted on it.


Certification and Registration:

MESI Guidelines for Officials' Certification

How to Become and Stay an Official

Registration Forms

Athlete Protection Training

Background Screen

Concussion Training due 3/20/2019

YMCA Certified Officials Seeking USA Certification


In Maine (contact Nicole Viele at if you wish to attend or schedule a clinic):

Clinics are posted on the MESI website under EVENTS

In New England (MESI WELCOME)

Radio Etiquette and Usage Guidelines

The Swimming Official (a Self-Evaluation)

Timer Briefing (updated 6/24/2019)

Stroke and Turn Briefing (updated 1/10/19)


Name Tags



USA Swimming Rules and Regulations:

The USA Swimming Rules and Regulations Book is an official publication of USA Swimming, the National Governing Body for swimming in the U.S. Changes to the rulebook are made on a yearly basis following the USAS Convention to include any new legislation, revisions and updates as voted on by the House of Delegates.

Click here for a complete copy of the 2018 Rulebook

UPDATED RULES (9/21/2017)

Medley Rule Changes

Rule 102.5 - Seeding, Lane Assignments, etc.

Open Water - Wetsuit Legality

 Meet Forms:




Officials Contact List:

For anyone who is in need of officials you may send your request to the following: Nicole Viele (207)380-6140, Any official who is able to attend will respond. Any official who would prefer not to be listed please contact the Officials Chair.