Why NAC Sharks?

The NAC Sharks Swim Team is a technique-focused, non-political USA Swim Team. The team is led by ASCA and USA-certified coaches and supported by NAC Aquatics and parent volunteers as needed.


Mission & Vision

The value statement of the Newtown Athletic Club is to make lives better by creating the ultimate recreational, social, and healthy lifestyle experience for our members and community.

The mission of the NAC Swim Team is to strive for continual improvement in swimming by focusing on the foundation—love of swimming, technical skills, progressive goal setting, and inner determination—in a supportive, fun environment.

The vision of the NAC Swim Team is to eventually become a competitive force in the Mid-Atlantic LSC whose participants demonstrate sound character, dedication, technical excellence, and sportsmanship. This will be obtained by first establishing a love for the sport and pride in the team, then adopting a process-based approach to swim technique and strategic progressive goal setting to reach competitive greatness.


Team Philosophy: Key Principles

  • Continuous improvement: Strive for progress, not perfection. Each person progresses as his or her own rate, but all swimmers should seize the opportunity to learn and improve each day and support their teammates in doing the same.
  • Building good technical habits at the foundational level: Swimming is a technique-limited sport, and doing things correctly—over doing them quickly or for a long time—is the top priority. The coaching staff and swimmers work together on this goal, which requires attention to detail and focus on both sides. Quality always bests quantity (no “garbage yardage”).
  • Resiliency and respect for the process: Swimming is a lifelong sport, and early success doesn’t necessarily correlate with later success.  If swimmers trust in the process, learn the correct ways to swim, and engage in progressive goal setting, they will be more successful in the future. We do not push kids to burn out. Struggle is part of the process (see the story of the butterfly here), and each race and practice present opportunities to learn life lessons and practice resiliency.


Team Goals: New for 2021-2022

We are placing a focus on creating well-rounded athletes for the 2021-2022 season.

  • Return to in-person Parisi “dryland” for our competitive team: Sessions with Parisi will improve overall coordination and athletic ability, making it easier for swimmers to improve in the water. They are part of the overall training plan and should be weighted the same amount as pool time.
  • Proficiency in all events through IMR & IMX: Additionally, we are implementing recognition for swimmers who legally compete the “IM Extreme” (IMX) and/or “IM Ready” (IMR) list of events across their age groups. These involve building proficiency across swimming all strokes, avoiding specialization, and trying challenging distance events. Starting with the 2021-2022 season, we will provide IMX or IMR caps for any swimmers completing the event lists. We will also begin tracking IMR/IMX power point records by single age and gender. For more information on IMR and IMX, see https://www.usaswimming.org/times/imx-imr.