Shark Bites 9/26/21

Charlene Lawton

Hi NAC Swimming Families,


Week one is in the books! Thank you so much for everyone’s flexibility, patience and understanding as we settle into a routine.


Team Party Pictures

We hope everyone had a great time at the team party on Friday! If you have any good pictures, please send them to us ASAP for use on the website and Instagram (our staff didn’t get as many as we would have liked).


Trial Membership for Non-NAC Members

In case you missed it at the party, all non-NAC members with swimmers on our team are eligible for a free 2-week trial of the NAC at any point during the swim season. For additional information, please see our Aquatics Director, Jen Storz. Her email address is [email protected]


GroupMe Chats

Per the handbook, all families must have at least one person in the GroupMe chats. They work best if you download the app. You are welcome to mute the chat (in which case you will only receive an alert if you are mentioned), but you may risk missing real-time information in certain situations (eg, if there was a last minute cancellation or practice needed to end early—these are rare but do happen). The GroupMe chats are also helpful if you are running late to a meet. Please note that Groupme is only for parents and NOT for swimmers, due to the ability to communicate directly and privately with coaches.


We added everyone to chats on Monday night, but in the event you want to add another number or had an issue with joining, you can use the links below:


·      Developmental 1:

·      Developmental 2:

·      Age Group 1:

·      Age Group 2:

·      Age Group 3:

·      Junior:

·      Senior:


Practice Reminders

Now that everyone knows where to go—parents, if you need to come into the NAC with your child, please drop your kids off at the end of the downstairs hallway. We’d like to minimize the amount of people in the aquatics area. Parents may observe practice from the windows upstairs or sit in the Cafe. Parents are never allowed on the deck unless requested by a coach. If you need to speak with Charlene during her office hours please wait until practices are underway and swimmers have cleared from the area.


Reminder that swimmers in AG2 and up should neatly stow belongings in any of the locations - Family Locker Room/Hallway/Aquatics office and then proceed to the long blue wall on the pool deck and wait for their practice to begin. Swimmers in these groups should not wait for a coach to come fetch them from these areas.


Swimmers in Developmental groups or AG1 should wait in the office for a coach.


A couple of people are still missing some key pieces of equipment. Most notably, these are snorkels (required AG2 and up) and PowerBags and paddles (required Junior and up).


Please remember that dryland is just as important as pool time! We had a great turnout this week and we’d like to keep the momentum going!


Paperwork Reminders

Starting on Wednesday, swimmers will not be permitted to practice without signed handbook acknowledgements. (attached) We still need signed handbook acknowledgements from the following families.




If you believe our records are incorrect, please reach out ASAP.



Warmup Jackets- Last Call for Sizing

Most swimmers on our competitive team have gotten sized for warmup jackets. If you haven’t done so already, please make sure kids see Charlene on Monday and Tuesday and try on a warmup jacket while they are still dry. If we don’t have a size listed by Wednesday, we will default to the t-shirt size indicated on your registration. The jackets run a bit big in sizing.


As a reminder, these are included in registration fees for AG1 and above; parents do not need to pay. We are not ordering jackets for the developmental teams—they will get theirs when they move up to the competitive team!


Team Intrasquad Meet 10/9

The meet event file and job sign ups are now live! Similar to summer league meets, we cannot make this meet work without parent volunteers. Parents will not be permitted on the pool deck unless volunteering, so this is a great way to be able to watch your swimmers. The only jobs that require experience are Stroke/Turn and Ref/Starter (although we’re willing to be flexible with people who don’t have official USA sanction for those jobs). Even the meet entry/admin job is basic data entry.


For now, please follow the timelines from last week’s Shark Bites. 10 and unders have a check in time no earlier than 8:00am and finish before 12 noon. 11 and overs will have a check in of 11:45am with a 12pm warmup. The actual meets should take less than 2 hours. 


All groups (including developmental) are eligible for this meet, but we are only going to enter swimmers who commit “yes” on Team Unify. Please note based on level of interest, we are only going to award ribbons for the 10 and under session. Swimmers will swim freestyle and two other events, which they can request; although because we need to ensure an even number of swimmers, requests are not guaranteed. The 10 & under session has 25s and 50s—the 25s are more for 8 & unders or newer 9-10s. If your swimmer is 9 or older and in AG2 and above, they should sign up for 50s only (Coach Kristen will make adjustments if you sign up for the wrong events). You can leave event selection blank if you’d like coaches to choose.


Team Communication & Office Hours

Reminder that Charlene should be parents’ first point of contact for most questions. She is in the office on Monday and Tuesday nights to answer questions in person and available by email at [email protected]


USA Meet Updates

As stated in Friday’s mini bites, we are not going to attend the Nov 7 UDAC Social Distance meet due to low interest.


Coach Kristen has pushed out the event selection deadline for the FCA Holiday Meet - placeholder entries were submitted to the host team and our team has been entered in the meet. If your swimmer is 9 and over and on the competitive team and you definitely CANNOT go, please decline ASAP.


Great news! We have been guaranteed entry into the closed BWA Developmental (10&Under) and A/BB/C meets (11&over) for November, January, and February. For the November and January meets, the host team had a slight scheduling change with their facility. There will be no Sunday sessions, but they will have Friday sessions (half of the 10 & Under meet and open distance), with Saturday sessions split by gender. Coach Kristen will update the meet info and events for those meets ASAP.


Any Developmental 1s wishing to attend USA mini meets should reach out to Charlene ASAP to finish the USA registration process. If we see that a Developmental 1 swimmer has committed to a meet, we will reach out to you directly. We’d prefer to register any Developmental 1s now versus doing registration on a rolling basis.


This Week’s Coach Shout Outs

Coach shout outs are included to recognize high level effort, technical improvements, and quality character. They are process-based, not outcomes-based.

·      Developmental 1: Jack S for streamlines

·      Developmental 2: Reese M for flutter kicking

·      Age Group 1: Emma C for listening and demonstrating

·      Age Group 2: Taniya P for streamline kicking and answering questions

·      Age Group 3: Maddie K for dolphin body roll

·      Junior: Nora S for dolphin and flutter kicking

·      Senior: Rowan O for improvements in head position and early vertical forearm

·      Special Party Shout Out: Emma S (Junior) and Paige G (AG3) for helping serve cake!


Upcoming NAC Sharks Dates

·      10/2- Coach Ryan is getting married!

·      10/4- Deadline to commit for Intrasquad Meet

·      10/5- Scratch deadline for EMAC Pentathlon

·      10/9- Intrasquad meet at NAC! - (No regular practice for any groups)


Upcoming NAC Sharks Birthdays

·      None this week!


Charlene & Coach Kristen


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P.S. Want to see a new pool at the NAC? Email [email protected] with your knowledge of how expanded aquatics would benefit our community, and copy Charlene at [email protected].