Shark Bites 10/3/21

Kristen Lavery

Hi NAC Swimming Families,


Happy October!  Everyone is getting settled into the swim team practice routine! We are excited to begin our third week and end the week with our Intrasquad meet!


Schedule Update- Thursday Juniors

There was a typo on our practice schedule with the dryland start time for the Junior group on Thursdays. Dryland runs from 5:35-6:05, not 5:30 as listed. Pool time is still 6:15-7:30. Revised schedule attached and uploaded on the website.  


Team Intrasquad Meet 10/9-- Last Chance to Commit

Please commit for this weekend’s meet no later than tomorrow night, 10/4, so we can time out events. All groups (including developmental) are eligible for this meet, but we are only going to enter swimmers who commit “yes” on TeamUnify.  You may choose events for your swimmer (freestyle + 1-2 other strokes), although because we need to ensure an even number of swimmers, requests are not guaranteed. If you are not signed up online and just “show up” we will not guarantee that your child can swim. It takes a lot of effort for Coach Kristen to create the meet entries.


Swimmers should wear a dark blue or black solid suit; we plan to hand out NAC caps, and all swimmers-- regardless of hair length-- will be required to wear a cap (this is our procedure for USA meets). 


We still need a few parent volunteers to make this meet work!  We have over 80 swimmers signed up to participate and only 22 parent volunteers so far. Parents will not be permitted on the pool deck unless volunteering, so this is a great way to be able to watch your swimmers. Most jobs do not need experience, including the meet admin/entry. Since Coach Kirk is probably going to be starter, ref, and official, we could use another set of eyes as an official from someone who knows swimming to help (someone who was a former swimmer and/or coach-- I know we have a lot) to help. Or, if anyone has experience with these (summer league, SAL, or elsewhere), please let us know!! 


10 and unders have a check in time no earlier than 8:00am and finish before 12 noon. 11 and overs will have a check in of 11:45am with a 12pm warmup. The actual meets should take less than 2 hours. Once we know how many swimmers we have, we will send out an updated timeline and important pre-meet information.


Please note that this meet is only for our own NAC swimmers; there will be no other teams attending.


Practice Reminders

Please make sure each swimmer has their own set of working equipment. We still have some swimmers missing snorkels/powerbags/paddles, or saying that their fins are too small. We really shouldn’t be missing equipment anymore at this time in the season. Each swimmer is required to have their own set of equipment so we don’t have issues where one sibling borrows from another and forgets to return it, etc. 


Please instruct your swimmer to go to the bathroom before practice. They should also have a water bottle. We want to minimize the number of times kids get out of the pool (and miss out on learning/delay the group) to use the bathroom or water fountain. 


Paperwork Reminders

The following swimmers may not attend practice until we get signed handbook forms.

The forms are attached once again for your convenience. They can be emailed or sent in with your swimmer. If you need a printed copy, please let us know and we will have one for you at the office.









If you believe our records are incorrect and you have already submitted them, please reach out ASAP.


Officials & SafeSport Update

Don’t forget to help make NAC Swimming great by volunteering to be an official and/or by helping us become a SafeSport certified team! It is simple to help us become SafeSport certified; all you need to do is take the online training - it only takes about an hour.


If you or your swimmer has completed the Athlete Protection Training for Swimmers/Parents, please let us know so we can track our completion rate! Links to all of the trainings are here: 


The links to the MA officials site do not appear to be working. Please visit directly. Upcoming clinic dates can be accessed from the “Training” tab > “Upcoming Clinics.” Please visit “Certification” > “How to become an official” for more information on certification requirements.


USA Meet Reminders

Entries for the EMAC Pentathlon are attached-- reminder that if you are swimming in a session, you must swim all of the strokes and events in that session (you cannot pick and choose). Final entries are due to the host team this week.


Reminder to commit and/or decline for the upcoming USA meets! As stated in last week’s Shark Bites, the Nov and Jan BWA meets are now Friday/Saturday with no Sunday events. 


Email Issues

A few people have received strange emails from Coach Kristen’s email address. These are phishing attempts, and we’re working through the source of the problem (her email being public on websites like may be an issue). In the meantime, do not open any strange or vague emails from her. She will either send team emails through Team Unify or lead off with a specific subject line.


Trial Membership for Non-NAC Members

In case you missed it at the party, all non-NAC members with swimmers on our team are eligible for a free 2-week trial of the NAC at any point during the swim season. For additional information, please see our Aquatics Director, Jen Storz. Her email address is [email protected]


This Week’s Coach Shout Outs

Coach shout outs are included to recognize high level effort, technical improvements, and quality character. They are process-based, not outcomes-based.

  • Developmental 1: Sophia O for streamline kicking on back

  • Developmental 2: Ian C for streamlines

  • Age Group 1: Kavya P for streamline dolphin kick

  • Age Group 2: Julia K for breast kick

  • Age Group 3: Ella S for diving

  • Junior: Daniel A for backstroke pull

  • Senior: Alexandra J for backstroke improvements


We will also be posting the results of this week’s kick for time (KFT) on the bulletin board for AG2 and up. Congrats to our top kickers per group: Taniya P (AG2; 300 kick in 7:00); JoJo T (AG3; 300 kick in 7:05); Lexi C (Junior; 400 kick in 8:37); Owen H (Senior, 600 kick in 11:21). This test set will be repeated multiple times throughout the year, and swimmers with their own largest percentage drops will be recognized.


Upcoming NAC Sharks Dates

  • 10/4- Deadline to commit for Intrasquad Meet

  • 10/9- Intrasquad meet at NAC! - (No regular practice for any groups)


Upcoming NAC Sharks Birthdays

  • Lucas F (10)- 10/5    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  • Coach Emily- 10/8    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


As always, if you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask!


Charlene & Coach Kristen


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P.S. Want to see a new pool at the NAC? Email [email protected] with your knowledge of how expanded aquatics would benefit our community, and copy Charlene at [email protected].