Shark Bites 10/9/21

Charlene Lawton

Hi NAC Swimming Families,

Welcome to the special Saturday edition of Shark Bites! (We will be taking tomorrow off.)

Thank you so much for a successful meet after a challenging week with no pool! I appreciate how we came together as a team today and the resilience displayed by our swim families. It looked like the turnout for all-ages dryland was great, and I’m so thankful we had the opportunity to cross train.

Meet results by session, including the disqualification (“DQ”) summary are attached. If your swimmer got DQ’d, don’t worry—those happen to swimmers on occasion, and are a great learning tool so that swimmers do not make the same mistakes repeatedly! Additionally, breaststroke, butterfly, and backstroke turns can be very challenging for new swimmers. Today was just a starting point as a practice meet.

We are looking forward to being back in the pool for normal practice schedule starting Monday!

Congratulations to the following swimmers who broke SCM team records today! We are down to our last 3 records from before I started at the NAC (Boys 6&Under 25 FR & 25 BR, and an 8&U girls 100m FR relay).

  • Maeve Meyer:
    • Girls 6 & Under 25 FR (31.41; Old record G Fox 32.47 on 11/23/19)
    • Girls 6 & Under 25 BK (41.63; Old record G Fox 45.14 on 11/23/19)
  • Jack Smyth
    • Boys 6 & Under 25 BK (38.09; Old record AJ Panhorst 39.51 on 12/1/18)
  • Anna Beregovoi
    • Girls 7-8 25 FL (23.16; Old record her own, 31.09 on 2/27/21)
  • Alexandra Jarantow
    • Girls 11-12 50 BR (44.97; Old record her own, 47.19 on 1/30/19)
    • Girls 11-12 50 BK (40.68; Old record her own, 41.56 on 3/20/21)
  • Anton Beregovoi
    • Boys 11-12 50 FR (29.06; Old record his own, 29.81 on 3/20/21)
    • Boys 11-12 50 FL (34.19; Old record his own, 36.50 on 1/31/21)
    • Boys 11-12 50 BK (34.72; Old record his own, 38.62 on 11/14/20)
  • Rowan O’Neil
    • Boys 11-12 50 BR (43.90; Old record J Stinson 46.16 on 11/14/20)
  • Alayna Steele
    • Girls 13-14 50 FR (31.81; Old record her own, 34.31 on 3/20/21)
    • Girls 13-14 50 FL (36.75; Old record S Meyers 40.78 on 11/14/20)
    • Girls 13-14 50 BK (36.62; Old record her own, 42.50 on 11/14/20)
  • Elizabeth Maltby
    • Girls 13-14 50 BR (42.71; Old record J Rotolo 48.99 on 2/29/20)
  • Owen Hamnett
    • Boys 13-14 50 FR (28.66; Old record his own, 29.81 on 2/27/21)
    • Boys 13-14 50 FL (30.66; Old record his own, 32.69 on 11/14/20)
    • Boys 13-14 50 BK (33.28; Old record his own, 35.09 on 11/14/20)
  • Nolan Schmitz
    • Boys 13-14 50 BR (41.25; Old record T Arbizu 43.80 on 2/29/20)
  • Shreeya Gounder
    • Girls 15 & Over 50 FR (30.72; Old record L Weitz 35.60 on 3/20/21)
    • Girls 15 & Over 50 BK (35.85; Old record E Harris 41.66 on 11/14/20)
  • Madeline Patrick
    • Girls 15 & Over 50 FL (34.65; Old record E Harris 40.03 on 11/14/20)
    • Girls 15 & Over 50 BR (43.69; no previous record)
  • Liam Donnelly
    • Boys 15 & Over 50 FL (39.21; Old record A Tsutskiridze 50.87 on 11/23/19)
  • Finn Schmitz
    • Boys 15 & Over 50 BR 42.03 (Old record M Bakhtadze 45.11 on 11/23/19)

Honorable mention to the following swimmers who also swam under the old team records: Elizabeth Maltby (Girls 13-14 50 FR, 50 BK); Kavya Gounder (Girls 13-14 50 FR, 50 FL, 50 BK); Alexandra Yankilevich (Girls 13-14 50 BR, 50 BK); Madeline Patrick (Girls 15 & Over 50 FR); Liana Weitz (Girls 15 & Over 50 FR, 50 BK); Liam Donnelly (Boys 15 & Over 50 BR).

MA Swim has not yet released any cut times for championship meets (Bronze, Silvers, Junior Olympics, or Senior Champs), so I do not have a section for new meet "qualifiers". Additionally, since this was just an intrasquad meet, the times were not sanctioned so we cannot use them for championships. I’m looking forward to our team’s upcoming USA meets, where times will count toward championships.

We will work on ribbons for the 10 & Under session only (we are not doing them for the 11 & Over session) later this week. These will be in plastic bags in the Aquatics Office for pickup. Please note that we are not doing ribbons for swims that resulted in a DQ.

Upcoming Meet Reminders

Please RSVP for the BWA November meets this week! While we are guaranteed entry as an invited team, I’d like to get a file over to the meet director soon.

Reminders—Officials & SafeSport

Don’t forget to help make NAC Swimming great by volunteering to be an official and/or by helping us become a SafeSport certified team! It is simple to help us become SafeSport certified; all you need to do is take the online training - it only takes about an hour. 

If you or your swimmer has completed the Athlete Protection Training for Swimmers/Parents, please let us know so we can track our completion rate! Links to all of the trainings are here: 

The links to the MA officials site do not appear to be working. Please visit directly. Upcoming clinic dates can be accessed from the “Training” tab > “Upcoming Clinics.” Please visit “Certification” > “How to become an official” for more information on certification requirements.

Around the NAC: Trial Memberships, Together Tuesdays, and Fall Sips

In case you missed it at the party, all non-NAC members with swimmers on our team are eligible for a free 2-week trial of the NAC at any point during the swim season. For additional information, please see Ann Marie Sterner, membership advisor Her email address is [email protected].  

Additionally, the NAC is holding “Together Tuesdays” for the rest of October. On Tuesdays, you can attend the NAC for free—with or without a member. For more information, visit

Fall Sips, a free outdoor family event open to the community are held each Friday in October from 5:30-10:30 at the Escape North Field across from the resort entrance. These events feature live music, local food & brews, kids’ activities, bonfire lounges, and more. Check them out!

Good Luck to Jen Storz

Our Aquatics Director, Jen Storz, will be moving on from the NAC effective this Friday, October 15. Please see a message from her below!

Although I have enjoyed working with my incredible team to create a successful aquatics department, family circumstances require my full attention and leave me unable to continue in this role as Aquatics Director at the NAC.  My final day will be October 15th.  Despite having to leave, I deeply appreciate the relationships I've formed and the opportunities afforded me to learn about aquatics and the fitness industry. The Aquatics staff will continue to show that they CARE  (are Considerate, Approachable, Responsible, Engaging) and to help by making your lives better by the pool.

We will greatly miss Jen in our department and appreciate your patience as we transition to a new management team. On a personal level, Jen was the reason I came to the NAC after a tumultuous final season with a team in NJ and a short break from coaching. She believed in this team, and she provided the support and friendship necessary for myself, Charlene, and the coaching staff to build this team into the program we currently have. I am lucky to have had her as both a manager and friend.

Coach Shout Outs

We’ll resume these next week once we’re back in the pool. Congrats to everyone who competed in the meet, and great job to everyone who put in the work at dryland this week.

Shout out to all of the parents who dealt with my multiple emails, last-minute schedule changes, and general meet craziness!

Upcoming NAC Sharks Dates

  • 10/11- Resume normal practice schedule
  • 10/13- Deadline for BWA meet commitments
  • 10/23-10/24- EMAC Pentathlon (no practice for Senior or AG3)


Upcoming NAC Sharks Birthdays

  • Alaina J (10)-10/13    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!