Shark Bites 10/17/21

Charlene Lawton

Hello NAC Swim Team Families,


We are all looking forward to using our 2 new starting blocks later this week! The anchors were installed Friday and we will now have blocks in 4 lanes ready for Wednesday’s practice.

We received notice that our caps will be in this week and we are hoping our t-shirts will be ready for the meet next weekend.


Equipment reminders-- It is really important for the kids to bring everything everyday, AND check to see if they have all of their items before leaving the deck. If kids forget a piece of equipment, they should immediately go to the swim team storage room on their own to look for a substitution. (coaches cannot always leave the deck to find equipment for swimmers who forget). If they cannot find what they need, it is up to the swimmer to adapt their practice-- they should not take time away from the group for being unprepared. Starting this week, we will have a small number of washed snorkels available (in baskets labeled "clean" and "used"). Swimmers should return any borrowed equipment to the appropriate location in that room, not just leave it on the deck.


Distance stroke meet on 11/27  - reminders for Junior/Senior- please commit by Tuesday. We will only attend if there's enough interest.  We strongly suggest attending if you can, as the 200 strokes are not offered frequently.


General meet notes/CBST Commitments - Competitive team members, please remember to commit for swim meets and make sure you're going to make the minimum meet requirements for your practice group (see pages 4-7 of the handbook). Swimmers who do not meet the minimum number of required meets are not guaranteed placement for next year. For those newer to the sport, feel free to email with questions about signing up for meets or understanding how USA meets run.

Some meets require us to send entries several months in advance. The CBST Spring Fever meet events have been posted; please commit by 10/27. This meet will fill up and probably close out early, so we definitely need your commitments on that one by the deadline. We understand that it may be difficult for you to know your family schedule far in advance, but please try to declare.

Many USA meets are held over 2 days - If you can only attend 1 day, when you sign up please type in the Notes section which day you are available for. If you do not write anything in the Notes section, we assume you are available both days and will enter your child in all eligible sessions.


Flyers Game-- We have a lot of interested families - we are reserving 75 tickets in our section so far!  Please note that we are not providing transportation.  We have several young swimmers committed without any family members. Please indicate the total number of tickets you wish to purchase and/or if your swimmer is attending with another family and only need 1 ticket. We will send an email out for the last call for tickets around the end of the month, before we send in our final count to the Flyers office and charge your account.  It should be a fun night!


EMAC Pentathlon Meet this weekend (Seniors, Juniors, AG3)

Meet is held at Parkland High School, 2700 N. Cedar Crest Blvd., Allentown, PA 18104

Plan on the following check in times, unless we hear differently from the host team.

13 & Over (Sessions 1 & 3): Check in 7:15am, Warmup 7:30am, Meet Start 8:45am

9-12s (Sessions 2 & 4): Check in 12:45pm, Warmup 1:00pm, Meet Start 2:00pm


Coach Shout Outs:

- Dev 1: Tyler S for dolphin kicks on back

- Dev 2: Jackson M + Aaron K for fish kicking

- AG1: Gianni and Kavya for trying hard with breaststroke kick, Catherine S for rotating

- AG2: Jolie and Stella for improved flipturns

- AG3: Maura for breaststroke pull timing, Louisa for Short-axis work

- Junior: Emma R for EVF, Chase for pulsing drill

- Senior: Madeline for really good pull-downs, Kavya for backstroke work and threshold


Upcoming Dates:

10/19: Commit for NPAC Stroke Distance (Junior/Senior Only)

10/23: No practice for Seniors or AG3; AG2, AG1, Dev1 running as scheduled

10/23-10/24: EMAC Pentathlon Meet for Seniors/Juniors/AG3

10/27: Commit for CBST Spring Fever


Upcoming NAC Sharks Birthdays

10/16: Dennis G. (8) - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

10/17: Coach Melissa - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


Want to see a new pool at the NAC? Email [email protected] with your knowledge of how an expanded aquatics facility at the newly acquired land would benefit our community, and copy Charlene at [email protected]. If you want more ideas on what to write, let us know!


As always, if you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask!


Charlene & Coach Kristen