Shark Bites 10/31/21

Charlene Lawton

Hi NAC Swimming Families,


Happy Halloween!  We hope you are doing something spooky and fun to celebrate. We’d love to see NAC swimmers in their costumes-- please send any pictures our way!

We hope the AG2, AG3, Junior, and Senior teams enjoyed their trick-or-treat practices this week!   Please see below for some key information. 

NOTE: There is practice as usual this week! (even though many area schools have some days off for various reasons).


Dryland Reminders (AG1 and above)

Please remember to bring appropriate footwear and clothing for dryland. We’ve had several swimmers show up in flip flops and crocs and not be able to complete the workouts as designed. Swimmers should always have sneakers and socks.

As a reminder, swimmers must focus in dryland and respect the Parisi coaches like they would in the pool. Swimmers who disrupt the group or detract from anyone’s practice may be asked to sit out or be removed from dryland practice.


Swimmers’ Night at the Flyers Game-- Last Call!

Please see Charlene’s email from Friday about the last call for tickets, and for all of the information regarding that evening. We need our final count by tomorrow night, 11/1. The final count and payment will be sent on Tuesday morning, 11/2.  

Note that we are not providing transportation, and we still have a few swimmers committed without any adults: Eler, Meyer, Schmitz, Shesterkin, Weitz. Please update the number of tickets in TeamUnify and/or let us know if your swimmer is attending with another family. If we do not hear back, we will charge for one additional adult ticket so your swimmer is not unaccompanied. 

We may be one of the largest swim groups attending!!  Tickets will be able to be picked up at NAC ahead of time, once we receive them. We are looking forward to a fun night. We will not have practice for any group that night. 


Team T-Shirts

Please make sure you write your swimmers’ name on their NAC t-shirts so we don’t get them mixed up! If your swimmer has not yet received their t-shirt, please see Charlene, Coach Kristen, or Coach Melissa. We also have parent t-shirts for families who ordered them!!

We will have an apparel store up shortly to purchase additional items. Usually we guarantee items before the holidays. We will still do our best, but with supply chain issues, please understand that some things may be unavailable or backordered. If there is interest in another small order of t-shirts the same as the swimmers, (~25 minimum for screen print, assorted sizes), please let Coach Kristen know.


Open Spots in Developmental 2

We are going to offer rare mid-season placements to two swimmers for our Developmental 2 group. If you know any families who may be interested in joining our team and may be a fit for the Developmental 2 group, please let them know about a mid-season placement and evaluation opportunity with Coach Melissa this week! Developmental 2 is for swimmers who are age 9-13 by 1/1/22 and new to the sport of swimming and still learning strokes. Swimmers are required to do at least a 25 Free with face in the water and rotary breathing and a 25 backstroke. They should be comfortable swimming for 45 minutes in the lap pool. USA Meets are not required for the Developmental 2 group, but are required the following year when they move to the competitive team.

Note that the group age leans closer to age 9-10 than 11-13, but we will take swimmers who are that age. Sign ups are here: 


Meet Reminders

Coach Kristen is submitting entries for the CBST Fall Festival, 2/5-2/6/22 at midnight tonight. This is an open and popular meet, so it’s important to send our entries right at the deadline for the best possible chance of getting in.  As a reminder, all swimmers on the competitive team are required to compete in a certain number of meets as outlined in the handbook, or they may not have a spot on next year’s team (we will not be expanding roster sizes next season, and we need to make room for our developmental team graduates).

Since this USA meet is close by (Central Bucks South High School) and later in the season, Coach Kristen has entered any 9 and overs on the competitive team who were left undeclared. It’s better to enter the meet and pull out later. The scratch and event change deadline is 1/19/22.

Our BWA November entries have been finalized; last call for NPAC Distance Meet (deadline is 11/7 but Coach Kristen will be away next weekend).

Also please note that some of the dates for MA Champs in Feb/March have been changed (specifically, JOs and Silvers are later). We have updated our website to reflect these changes but we do not currently have any information beyond what’s there. The cut times for ages 11-14 JOs are posted, and the 10 & Under championship and Silver championship cuts are supposed to be available 11/1. We are not sure what is happening for Bronze-level swimmers who are over age 10, but we are already planning on the alternate Finale Meet with Streamline Aquatic Club in NJ in mid-March.

And the Lawrence Lightning team IS up and running! Stay tuned for some non-USA fun competition opportunities!


Kick for Time Results (AG 2 & up)

October kick for times have been posted. Congrats to our winners per group and biggest drops.

  • AG2 (300 KFT-- 8:17 average/2:45 per 100):

    • Fastest: Niko (6:41)

    • Biggest drops: Idris (-16.2%), Laura (-15.6%), Tommy (-12.1%)

    • Honorable mention: Niko and Anna for sub-7:00

  • AG3 (300 KFT-- 7:47 average/2:35 per 100):

    • Fastest: JoJo (6:26)

    • Biggest drops: Cristian (-19.3%), Maddie (-16.9%); Maura (-15.9%)

  • Junior (400 KFT-- 9:55 average/2:28 per 100):

    • Fastest: Neil (8:20)

    • Biggest drops: Neil (-23.7%), John P (-9.2%), Nora (-8.0%)

  • Senior (600 KFT-- 13:22 average/2:13 per 100):

    • Fastest: Owen (11:01)

    • Biggest drops: Rowan (-14.1%), Finn (-7.0%), Kavya G (-4.8%)

    • Honorable mention: New sub-12s (Kavya, Anton, Madeline)

Way to go everyone! Please note that AG2 may have been miscounted in Sept, but we have new baseline times for some kids. Future months will be based on improvement from a swimmer’s previous best time.


This Week’s Coach Shout Outs


  • Developmental 1: Maeve for dolphin streamline on back

  • Developmental 2: Jackson M for kicking on side

  • Age Group 1: Chris for exceptional listening and effort during butterfly week

  • Age Group 2: Laura improved 6-beat kick

  • Age Group 3: Ella S for kicking on side and EVF

  • Junior: Kenzie for breaststroke roll + kick

  • Senior: Owen for shoulder rotation/improved extension and catch in FR


Upcoming NAC Sharks Dates

  • 11/1- Absolute last call for Flyers Tickets

  • 11/5- Deadline for NPAC Distance Stroke Meet Changes

  • 11/12-11/13- BWA Fall Fest & Developmental Meets (no practice for any groups, including Developmental 1)

  • 11/18- Swimmers’ Night at the Flyers’ Game (no practice for any groups)

  • [we will provide the Thanksgiving week schedule next week]


Upcoming NAC Sharks Birthdays

  • JoJo T (11)- 11/2        HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  • Madeline P (18)- 10/8        HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


As always, if you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask!


Charlene & Coach Kristen


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P.S. Want to see a new pool at the NAC? Email [email protected] with your knowledge of how expanded aquatics would benefit our community, and copy Charlene at [email protected]. If you need ideas on what to write, please ask us! A decision still has not been made on what to do with NAC’s newly acquired land across the street!