Shark Bites 11/14/21

Charlene Lawton

Hi NAC Families,

We had a fabulous weekend at the BWA meets! This was by far the largest team NAC has ever brought to a USA meet, and our presence was known. Special thanks to all the parents who volunteered and/or jumped in to help, particularly during the developmental sessions where we had (again, by far) the largest number of swimmers from any team. Saturday was a bit of a zoo but we made it work!!

To those of you who didn’t attend, we hope you enjoyed the Saturday off from practice and had a nice weekend! Please see below for info for the upcoming week with this week’s immediate action items towards the top.

I know this is a long email, but please read carefully—otherwise, you may be on the hook for additional meet fees and/or your swimmer (or relay teammates) may miss out on opportunities.


This Thursday 11/18—Swimmers Night at the Flyers Game!

We are super excited to attend Swimmers Night at the Philadelphia Flyers this Thursday. Charlene has updated information on the events page. We have a few leftover tickets, so if you missed out, please email Charlene ASAP! Please pick up tickets from her during Monday or Tuesday’s practice. We suggest having your tickets in hand before Thursday, especially if you are arriving for game time and not the Michael Andrew autograph session (Charlene and I will be inside for that).

If your swimmer has a question for Michael Andrew, please email it to Charlene so she can send it in advance. Please wear any NAC or Flyers apparel if you have it!!

We will not have practice for any group on Thursday.


FCA Holiday Meet- Entries Due Wednesday 11/17

The host team has requested our finalized entries by the end of this week. Because I need a day or two to clean up events and finalize things (like number of relays), please commit and/or update events by EOD Wednesday 11/17.  Please limit to 3 individual events per day as this meet offers relays!!

Seniors and select swimmers in Juniors may wear faster meet suits (eg, Speedo Aquablade or tech suit if appropriate); look for a separate email from me in the next week.

If your swimmer is in AG3 or higher and left uncommitted, I will enter them into this meet given that it is a mid-season focus meet. If you are a 9 and over in AG1 or AG2, you are welcome to attend but I will not automatically enter you.

As stated in previous Shark Bites, if you commit for the event and do not write me a very clear note (eg, “cannot attend Sunday; enter Saturday only”) then I will fill in the remaining gaps and commit your swimmer for all eligible sessions. Choosing events for only one day or writing a cryptic note (eg “prefer 100 FR, 100 IM, 50 BR”) is not specific enough. With a large team, I do not have the capacity to do any mind reading, and I will fill in anything that’s blank. Please go into the event on Team Unify and double check.

The 1000 on Friday night is coaches invite only from the Senior group. Senior parents should specify availability for that session—everyone else can disregard.

I will review and may override event selections. This is the final entry submission, and we are locked into any entry fees beyond this point.


BWA Meet Results

We had 56 team records broken or set this weekend!! Congrats to the following swimmers:

  • Maeve Meyer: Girls 6 & Under 25 FR (25.40), 25 BK (30.28)
  • Anna Beregovoi: Girls 7-8 25 FR (16.94), 100 FR (1:29.58), 50 BK (48.99), 25 BR (30.07), 25 FL (19.42)
  • Ty Golis: Boys 7-8 25 FR (16.04??)
  • Calvin Saguil: Boys 7-8 25 BR (26.67), 25 FL (22.07)
  • Gianni Stezzi: Boys 7-8 100 IM (2:26.48)
  • Maura Rooney: Girls 9-10 100 IM (1:45.39)
  • Audrey Siwiecki: Girls 9-10 50 FR (35.74), 100 FL (1:51.84)
  • Sailee Shetye: Girls 9-10 100 BR (1:50.57)
  • Daniel Asmalouski: Boys 9-10 50 FR (33.48), 100 FR (1:15.02), 50 BK (38.85), 50 FL (39.65), 100 IM (1:25.64)
  • Dhruv Menon: Boys 9-10 50 BR (45.81), 100 BR (1:38.88), 200 FR (2:50.30)
  • Alexandra Jarantow: Girls 11-12 50 FR (29.91), 200 BR (3:10.29), 200 IM (2:45.32), 400 IM (5:49.61)
  • Kathryn Kalbacher: Girls 11-12 100 FR (1:07.48), 200 FR (2:35.98)
  • Anton Beregovoi: Boys 11-12 200 FR (2:03.61), 500 FR (5:30.53), 100 BK (1:04.57), 100 FL (1:06.19), 200 IM (2:21.67)
  • Rowan O’Neil: Boys 11-12 200 BK (2:37.08), 200 BR (3:01.64)
  • Kavya Gounder: Girls 13-14 50 FR (28.39)
  • Elizabeth Maltby: Girls 13-14 200 FR (2:19.83), 200 BK (2:29.85), 200 BR (3:01.48)
  • Alayna Steele: Girls 13-14 500 FR (6:34.14)
  • Owen Hamnett: Boys 13-14 50 FR (26.29), 200 FR (2:07.16), 500 FR (5:47.90), 200 BK (2:09.54)
  • Alyssa Ottes: Girls 15 & Over 200 BR (3:10.29)
  • Madeline Patrick: Girls 15 & Over 200 FR (2:13.84), 100 BR (1:21.49), 100 FL (1:06.49), 200 IM (2:29.34)
  • Liana Weitz: Girls 15 & Over 50 FR (31.13), 100 FR (1:11.55), 100 BK (1:19.43)
  • Luke Rogers: Boys 15 & Over 50 FR (29.37), 100 BK (1:14.54), 100 FL (1:09.93)

Daniel Asmalouski, Maddie Kerrigan, Elizabeth Maltby, Alyssa Ottes, Ella Saguil, Sailee Shetye, Tyler Smyth, Alayna Steele, Daniel Tang, Grace Whartenby, and Alexandra Yankilevich also swam under old team records!! Please note that I have not yet received official results from the host team (the times above are based off of Meet Mobile), so I will wait to update our records page. The results will be in OnDeck as soon as I receive them.

If your swimmer did something unexpected, got disqualified, and/or added time, no worries! While meets are great for testing progress, they are also learning experiences and exercises in resiliency building. Trust the process!! More info here.


Championship Team Update

I have compared our swimmer’s times against the qualifying times for championships (just released in the last week or so, uploaded to our website here); please see attached for a current list of qualifiers!

Special congratulations to Owen Hamnett who made his first lifetime Junior Olympic cut this weekend, and Andrew Brush, Maddie Kerrigan, Luke Rogers, Maura Rooney, Ella Saguil, Audrey Siwiecki, and Daniel Yankilevich who swam their first lifetime Silver-level times this weekend. Liam Donnelly, MJ Pyle, Finn Schmitz, and Nora Schmitz achieved first lifetime Silver-level times at the EMAC Pentathlon (before we knew what the Silver times were).

Anton Beregovoi has achieved 6 Eastern Zone cuts so far this season and is set to become the NAC’s first swimmer at Zones. Zones is the highest possible competition level for Age Groupers in USA swimming, and Eastern Zones is one of 4 regional competitions in the nation. Congrats, Anton!

Please note that per our handbook, attendance at the highest qualified Middle Atlantic championship is required to guarantee placement on next year’s team. Some of the dates for these meets have shifted from MA’s initial schedule, so please check our events page for more information. I am in the process of confirming an alternate finale meet in NJ for swimmers who do not qualify for championships so that we can provide additional season-ending opportunities for our swimmers.


IMR Team Update

Congrats to Maura Rooney, Daniel Asmalouski, Dhruv Menon, Anton Beregovoi, Elizabeth Maltby, and Owen Hamnett who completed IMR requirements this weekend to earn the special IMR team cap. Still waiting to see who the first completers for IMX will be to earn the other special cap...

IMR and IMX are initiatives dedicated to proficiency across all strokes and a willingness to swim outside our comfort zones. For more information see p2 of the handbook, our website here, or USA Swimming’s description here.


Warmup Jackets Update

I am hopeful that we will have most of the warmup jackets shortly. For the original Youth Medium backorders, we were able to convert a few swimmers to Youth Smalls, and those are tracking close behind the rest of the jackets. However, for the swimmers who switched to Youth Larges, those are now also on backorder on the same schedule as the Youth Mediums, so we reverted to original sizes. (Swimmers who initially ordered a Youth Large are fine—that order went in OK—but the later set of Youth Larges is delayed too.)

We are working on our apparel store—our vendor has been slammed with COVID-related supply chain issues. We will let you know when that link is live! Thanks for your patience with this!!


Thanksgiving Schedule

Thanksgiving schedule will be sent mid-week—just waiting for confirmation from the Aquatics team. A tentative schedule is located under our “practice changes” tab.


Coach Shout Outs

  • Developmental 1: Dennis G for diving
  • Developmental 2: Drew B for improved butterfly kick
  • (We’ll resume competitive team shout outs next week)


Upcoming NAC Sharks Dates

  • 11/17- Deadline for FCA commitments and event changes
  • 11/18- Flyers Game, no practice for any groups
  • 11/25-11/27- Thanksgiving schedule, TBD
  • 11/27- NPAC Distance Meet (Seniors/Juniors only)


Upcoming NAC Sharks Birthdays

  • Kavya G  11/15 (14)—HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
  • Coach Kirk  11/17—HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
  • Tommy F  11/19 (11)—HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
  • Rowan O  11/20 (13)—HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


Have a great week!!