Shark Bites 12/13 (Monday Edition)

Kristen Lavery

Hi NAC Swimming Families,


We had quite a weekend at the FCA Holiday meets! I’m so proud of all of our swimmers and families. We had a lot of great swims, and I think our swimmers cheered the loudest for their teammates! It was really great to see all of the team spirit and excitement.


We had 51 team records broken or set this weekend! Congrats to the following swimmers:


  • Anton Beregovoi: Boys 11-12 100 FR (55.50), 200 FR (2:01.52), 1000 FR (11:19.18), 100 BK (1:04.21), 200 BK (2:17.28)
  • Liam Donnelly: Boys 15 & Over 100 FR (1:02.20)
  • Kavya Gounder: Girls 13-14 50 FR (27.69)
  • Shreeya Gounder: Girls 15 & Over 50 FR (27.08), 100 BK (1:09.13)
  • Owen Hamnett: Boys 13-14 100 FR (55.62), 200 FR (2:01.41), 1000 FR (11:32.75), 100 BK (59.86), 200 FL (2:18.45)
  • Alexandra Jarantow: Girls 11-12 50 FR (29.23), 100 BR (1:25.13), 200 IM (2:41.06)
  • Kathryn Kalbacher: Girls 11-12 100 FR (1:05.71), 200 FR (2:25.94), 100 BK (1:14.23), 200 BK (2:37.28), 100 FL (1:19.51)
  • Elizabeth Maltby: Girls 13-14 100 FR (1:01.05), 200 FR (2:15.05), 200 BK (2:28.34), 100 BR (1:21.43), 200 IM (2:34.95)
  • Luke McCool: Boys 11-12 100 BR (1:24.05)
  • Rowan O’Neil: Boys 13-14 100 BR (1:15.24)
  • Stephen Papp: Boys 15 & Over 50 FR (28.24), 200 FR (2:26.44)
  • Madeline Patrick: Girls 15 & Over 100 FR (1:00.54), 200 BR (2:56.26), 200 FL (2:35.29)
  • Finn Schmitz: Boys 15 & Over 100 BK (1:12.91), 100 BR (1:17.71), 200 BR (2:52.93), 200 IM (2:38.10)
  • Nolan Schmitz: Boys 13-14 200 BR (2:49.48)
  • Sailee Shetye: Girls 9-10 100 BR (1:50.43)
  • Audrey Siwiecki: Girls 9-10 50 BK (42.63), 50 FL (40.23), 100 IM (1:35.60)
  • Alayna Steele: Girls 13-14 1000 FR (13:30.98)


All of the A relays also broke or set relay records:

  • Girls 9-10 200 Medley (3:04.00): Shetye S; Rooney M; Siwiecki A; Patel T
  • Girls 9-10 200 Free (2:49.35): Siwiecki A; Shetye S; Kim L; Schmuecking L
  • Boys 9-10 200 Free (2:37.13): Pyle M; Golis C; Yankilevich D; Tang D
  • Girls 11-12 200 Medley (2:25.69): Schmitz N; Jarantow A; Smith E; Kalbacher K
  • Girls 11-12 200 Free (2:07.06): Schmitz N; Smith E; Kalbacher K; Jarantow A
  • Boys 11-12 200 Medley (2:17.25): Beregovoi A; Gorevoy G; McCool L; Asmalouski D
  • Boys 11-12 200 Free (1:59.49): McCool L; Gorevoy G; Asmalouski D; Beregovoi A

I know we haven't had many relay swims in our team history. We previously had 200 Free Relay records from 2019 for 9-10 boys and 11-12 girls but those were broken by 38 and 27 seconds, respectively.


There were countless best times/first times/champs cuts as well! Congrats to our new IMR cap recipients: MJ Pyle, Lexi Czerniak, Shannon Golis, Neil Kalbacher, Nora Schmitz, Kavya Gounder, Brady Johnson, Alayna Steele, and Nolan Schmitz!! More information here. I will update the IMR/IMX PowerPoint totals later this week. 


I will be regrouping with the coaching staff about any DQs or team feedback that needs to be incorporated– please know that some of these changes do not happen overnight, especially with younger swimmers who are still learning strokes and turns.


Holiday Schedule

A draft of our holiday schedule is attached. Please note that dryland is TBD. We are off on both Saturday 12/25 and Saturday 1/1 with some practices on 12/26 and 1/1. We have kept the number of practices per week equal to a normal week, with some additional training time for the seniors. To provide families with flexibility, we’ve moved most practices to daytime; however, we left Tuesday as-is for any families who are working that week. Most groups practice that night except AG2 (who may attend with AG3) and Dev 2 (who may attend with either Dev 1 or AG1, please check with Melissa). We are working on confirming timing with the Parisi dryland instructors and will have those in next week’s Shark Bites. 


Upcoming Meets

The BWA January meet info and file has been updated. I know this meet went from Saturday/Sunday to Friday/Saturday with some facility issues. I just received the meet file from the host team, and they confirmed that they are going back to the original Saturday/Sunday plan (this also gives our 11-12s some 50 opportunities). Overall, this is a good move for us because our 11 and overs will be able to swim more events.


If you said “available both days” or “available one day” for BWA January, please go in and update your note since the days have changed. I will default to over entering your swimmer if anything is left unclear, and you may be charged for events. 


The developmental meet will be held Saturday and Sunday morning now (8:45am check in with 9am warmup). 11 and over boys and girls will be together with a 10:45am check in, 11am warmup, over by 4pm on both days. 


Please review events and select before 12/22 so we can send before the holiday. Changes/scratches will be due on 1/2/22.

As stated in a previous email, I had to send CBST entries already to hold our spot, but please review those if there are any changes you would like to make. Because the CBST meet is local, I did enter kids who otherwise didn’t appear on-track to meet their meet requirement for the competitive team. We are a swim team, not swim lessons, and competitive team members are required to attend a minimum number of meets as outlined in the team handbook to be eligible for next year’s team. A few of you emailed me after this weekend so I will try to reflect those changes if I can. It may be difficult to add days or swimmers at this time– it’s always easier to take them out later. 


This Week’s Coach Shout Outs

(We’ll resume these next week)


Upcoming NAC Sharks Dates

12/24-1/2: Revised holiday schedule

Holiday social event TBD


Upcoming NAC Sharks Birthdays

Caden S (10)-12/15        HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Gianni S (9)-12/17        HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


As always, if you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask! 


Coach Kristen & Charlene


P.S. Want to see a new pool at the NAC? Email [email protected] with your knowledge of how expanded aquatics would benefit our community, and copy Charlene at [email protected]. If you need ideas on what to write, please ask us! A decision still has not been made on what to do with NAC’s newly acquired land across the street!