Shark Bites 1/23/22

Charlene Lawton

Hi NAC Swimming Families,

(Sorry for the late email-- this one took a while!!)

Congrats to everyone who competed this weekend at the BWA January Developmental and Winter Classic Meets! Our swimmers were so good about cheering for their teammates and supporting each other. We were happy to see so many kids achieve new qualifying times and hit IMR/IMX as well! (An updated championship team document with highlights in yellow is attached.)

Thank you to everyone who volunteered! The meet director specifically mentioned the volunteer efforts in her email with results.

Special shout outs to Connor Mohan, Jack Smyth, Jackson Revak, and Jillian Covill who became first-time championship qualifiers this weekend!

We had 43 team records broken or set!

  • Jack Smyth: Boys 6 & Under 25 FR (35.45), 100 FR (2:40.19), 25 BK (46.45), 25 FL (48.57)
  • Anna Beregovoi: Girls 7-8 50 FR (39.05), 25 BK (21.78), 50 BR (1:13.14), 50 FL (55.04), 100 IM (1:53.15)
  • Ty Golis: Boys 7-8 100 IM (2:05.12)
  • Maura Rooney: Girls 9-10 100 BR (1:49.51)
  • Audrey Siwiecki: Girls 9-10 100 FL (1:46.31)
  • Daniel Tang: Boys 9-10 200 IM (3:34.64)
  • Alexandra Jarantow: Girls 11-12 50 BR (38.40), 50 FL (33.37), 100 IM (1:12.77)
  • Kathryn Kalbacher: Girls 11-12 100 FR (1:02.58), 500 FR (6:26.06), 50 BK (34.51)
  • Anton Beregovoi: Boys 11-12 100 FL (1:05.50), 100 IM (1:06.07), 200 IM (2:20.57), 400 IM (5:00.86)
  • Luke McCool: Boys 11-12 100 BR (1:19.42), 200 BR (2:57.13)
  • Kavya Gounder: Girls 13-14 50 FR (27.47), 500 FR (6:24.06)
  • Elizabeth Maltby: Girls 13-14 400 IM (5:41.14)
  • Alayna Steele: Girls 13-14 200 FL (3:05.79)
  • Owen Hamnett: Boys 13-14 50 FR (25.71), 100 FL (58.91), 200 FL (2:14.14), 200 BR (2:42.54), 400 IM (4:50.41)
  • Rowan O’Neil: Boys 13-14 100 BR (1:14.27)
  • Madeline Patrick: Girls 15 & Over 100 FR (57.86), 100 BR (1:19.99), 100 FL (1:05.28)
  • Liam Donnelly: Boys 15 & Over 50 FR (26.50), 500 FR (6:18.30), 200 IM (2:32.54)
  • Stephen Papp: Boys 15 & Over 100 FR (1:01.82), 200 FR (2:25.87)


Congrats to the following swimmers who made IMR/IMX teams this weekend!

  • IMR Team: Anna Beregovoi, Andrew Brush, Gabriel Gorevoy, Alexandra Jarantow, Kathryn Kalbacher, Laura Kim, Luke McCool, Mary McCool, Rowan O’Neil,  Madeline Patrick, Luke Rogers, Sailee Shetye, Claire Siwiecki, Alex Yankilevich, Daniel Yankilevich
  • IMX Team: Anton Beregovoi, Kavya Gounder, Owen Hamnett, Alexandra Jarantow, Brady Johnson, Alayna Steele

For more information on the required events for IMR/IMX, please visit this page. The IMR/IMX team records have been updated here. I have tried to carefully track everyone’s IMR/IMX (there’s been some flexibility in events for kids who age up mid season), but if you think your swimmer has hit IMR/IMX and has not received recognition, please let me know.

It’s been so fun to see everyone wearing their new caps!!


Last Call- Event Changes for BWA February

I took a quick pass at the events for the BWA February Dev & Prelims/Finals meets and made a few updates based on today’s results if kids were close to championship times. Please review quickly and let me know of any changes/scratches no later than 9pm tomorrow! I need to send the meet file on Tuesday morning. There is a 3 event per day limit for 11 and overs (4 for 10 & unders), but I can still add swimmers at this point.

Note that the BWA February meet is now one weekend earlier, 2/12-2/13, so if you originally declined because you were going away for President’s Day, you may be able to attend. This will be the last chance for championship qualifying times this season, so please make sure to let Coach Kristen know ASAP if you want to go!

CBST Spring Fever is locked to further changes.


Intrasquad Developmental & Bronze Champs 2/26

I have received several questions about the intrasquad developmental and bronze champs meet on 2/26. This meet is designed to give swimmers who have not qualified for championships (or have qualified in fewer than 4 events) an opportunity to have a season ending meet.

If your swimmer has 4 or more Silvers/10 & Unders/JOs cuts (as listed on the attached sheet), they have been automatically declined from this meet, unless they are 8 and under. If your swimmer has 1-3 championship times, they may participate, but they may not swim the events for which they have championship qualifying times. 9-10s in AG1 and above may not swim 25s of stroke. Many parents have selected events incorrectly– please know that the coaching staff will adjust as needed. Deadline to commit is 2/19/22.

All 8 and unders (regardless of number of champs times) and developmentals (including Dev 2) are eligible for this meet.

This will likely move to a single session meet given the number of swimmers who are not eligible (and we still have two more meets!).

It is highly recommended that swimmers participate if they have not qualified for champs, per the team handbook requirement to participate in championships. I will work on regular championships tomorrow with more details on pool locations. Please check the calendar and save the dates for the qualifying championship meets, if applicable. Swimmers who do not participate in championships will be de-prioritized for placement on next year's team.


COVID-19 Updates

As a reminder, please continue to follow our COVID-19 policies as outlined here: We ask that you follow all CDC recommendations for testing, quarantine, and isolation, and have your swimmers stay home if they are sick. Thanks for your help in keeping our team safe!


This Week’s Coach Shout Outs

  • Dev 1: Connor and Jack for a great first USA competition
  • Dev 2: Alex M for improved diving
  • AG1: Mikey N, Chris G, and Tyler G for completing a 100 IM, Catherine S for completing legal breaststroke
  • AG2: Laura, Sailee, and Anna for hitting IMR; Jolie for hard work on IM turns
  • AG3: Audrey S for incorporating meet feedback; Daniel T for completing a solid 200 IM, Cristian and Claire S for showing grit and resilience in long races
  • Junior:  Jackson for first-time Silvers cuts, Dhruv for going 5-for-6 with new Silveres cuts; Neil for great pacing in a 500 FR
  • Senior: Madeline for breaking 1:00, 59, and 58 in the 100 FR in one swim; Luke M and Mary M for improved hand entry/scooters drill and FR balance


Upcoming NAC Sharks Dates

  • 1/24/22 at 9pm- deadline for scratches/changes for BWA February
  • 2/5-2/6/22- CBST Spring Fever Meet (no practice AG2 and up)
  • 2/12-2/13/22- BWA February Dev & Prelims/Finals Meets


Upcoming NAC Sharks Birthdays

  • None this week!


As always, if you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask!