Frequently Asked Registration Questions

How do I register?

We are excited to move registration online for the 2022-2023 season!

For returning families: Please find the "registration" drop down tab and/or button on the homepage and complete the registration process, indicating your estimated group for 2022-2023. Most swimmers will be staying in their 2021-2022 groups, and coaches will reach out if you select the wrong one. Siblings who are new to our team can also be added during this time; please indicate estimated group and sign up for an evaluation slot to confirm.

Returning families need to commit by 8/20 to avoid a $150 late fee per swimmer. Because of space constraints and demand, we need to know how many families are returning before we can invite new swimmers to join. If you commit after 8/20, you are not guaranteed a spot. 

For new swimmers: Please attend an evaluation to obtain your group placement. Once you have completed that, you can register online following the process above. Registration will be open for new families starting 8/22.

So that we can place registered swimmers and determine our number of newcomers from evaluations, no one will be able to register on 8/21. 


I was on last year’s (2021-2022) team or participated in Spring Clinic 2022. Is my spot guaranteed?

If you finished the season on good terms (no outstanding financial obligations and fulfilled meet requirements, etc), you will have a spot provided that you register online and pay program deposits by 8/20. On 8/22, we will reopen registration up to returning families and newcomers, first-come, first-served, and remaining group spots will be filled as registrations come in.


What should I do if my expected group appears "full" in online registration?

If you are a returning family and it is before 8/20, please email Coach Kristen (note that she will be away from 8/13-8/19 but checking email) and Charlene. It's possible that a group may incorrectly appear full if someone selected the wrong group. If this is the case, we will give you an alternate group to register for as a placeholder or reopen the group to permit your registration (all registration fees are the same).

If it is 8/22 or after, you may still email Coach Kristen and Charlene, but these spots are first-come, first-serve, and we cannot make any guarantees that there will be room. 


Why are there two sets of registration fees?

At this point, we can only fit new swimmers if returners drop out of our program. We want to incentive our returning families to let us know about their plans by 8/20 so we can fill with newcomers as needed.

Returning Swimmers: Pay $169 if you register by 8/20, or $319 after 8/20 (space not guaranteed after 8/20)

New Swimmers: Because new families cannot register before 8/20, they will pay the $169 per swimmer.


I was a swim team member in a previous year but did not join in 2021-2022. Am I considered a returning family?

We’re so happy you’d like to swim with us again! However, because the team has changed significantly year over year, and each swimmer can vary in their progress, we'll need to have you complete an evaluation. Only swimmers who participated in the Fall/Winter 2021-2022 or Spring Clinic 2022 have active accounts in our system.


I completed NAC Swim Lessons. Can we join the team?

NAC Swim Lessons are run as a separate programs, so swimmers will need to sign up for an evaluation to receive placement. Swimmers coming from lessons are considered new families. 

At this point, we will only give evaluations to swimmers who have completed Swimsters 2 group or private lessons with instructor recommendaions. We will not give evaluations to swimmers in Swimsters 1, as they do not have the skills necessary for the team.


We won’t be ready to decide about swim team by August 20. Can we still join?

You can try, although we cannot guarantee space. And, any returning swimmers joining after this date will need to pay the $319 registration deposit fee per swimmer.  


I was on last year’s developmental team. Can I do developmental again?

Developmental is designed to prepare swimmers for the competitive team, so we typically have a one-year limit for swimmers ages 9 and over. If you joined the developmental team for our spring clinic (or “Beginner” for our summer training), you may spend this season in developmental. Additionally, swimmers who are still 8 and under in March 2023 may stay in developmental if they have not yet mastered at least 3 of 4 strokes.  However, 9 and overs who have completed a full season in developmental are expected to join the competitive team and attend meets as outlined in the handbook. We have this policy in place to best utilize the time and energy of our coaching staff.


I’m a new family interested in registering—how do I know if there is space, and are there cuts?

We have limited lane space and want to make sure our groups stay small enough for the coaching staff to devote individual attention to each swimmer. Please fill out our survey if you haven’t already and attend an evaluation as early as possible. Evaluations dates will be posted on our website. We do not make cuts based on speed, although we have specific skill and practice maturity requirements for each group. If we have room in your group level, and your child is willing to learn, we will take you. 


My swimmer has a sibling who is looking to join the team. Do they get priority?

Yes, siblings of current swimmers get priority over brand new families. Please email Coach Kristen (or Coach Melissa if developmental) if you need to set up an early evaluation. Similarly, if you are referring a friend, please have them indicate that on the survey and/or when reaching out to the NAC swim team staff.


My swimmer doesn’t want to compete. Can we still join the team?

This is swim team, not swim lessons. We do not require our developmental swimmers to compete, but it is required on the competitive team. If your swimmer has graduated from our developmental program and is over age 8, they must join our competitive team or find alternate programming. Swimmers who join the competitive team with the intention of skipping all meets will not be allowed to register for future seasons. If your swimmer does not have any interest in competing in the near future, we do not recommend signing up for our team, and we are happy to refer you to other local programs.


I can’t make the practice times for the team. Can I switch groups?

Please speak with a coach—group placement isn’t negotiable, but we may be able to work around certain swimmers on a case-by-case basis. We do not have an attendance policy, but we also do not prorate team fees for missed practices. If your swimmer can make enough practices to keep pace with their group, we are happy to have them. If we find that a swimmer’s attendance is significantly below the recommended practice attendance outlined in our handbook, we may not guarantee their spot for 2023-2024. Again, this is to make sure that we are optimizing our lane space and coach energy.


I have a high school athlete who only wants to swim from September-November before the HS season gets underway. Can we join for just those months?

We expect that all swimmers will join for the season, even if utilizing the high school option (decreased fees during the high school season). Practice attendance will provide continuity in your swimmer’s technique and meet attendance will ensure that they are pulling practice habits through to races, including those that may not be swum regularly in the high school season. If we do take preseason-only swimmers, priority will be given to siblings and returning NAC swimmers. Please reach out to Coach Kristen.


My swimmer plays other sports in the fall. Can we join midseason?

We build strokes sequentially, so we only take new batches of swimmers at specific times. We are supportive of outside activities, but we ask that your swimmer attends as many practices as they can in conjunction with their fall sport to build a foundation for the season. Midseason swimmers are taken on a case-by-case basis, space permitting, depending on experience level.


What if my swimmer wants to leave the team midseason?

Your deposit form indicates commitment to join the team for the full season and pay fees through March 2023. We will provide releases from the team for medical purposes or other reasons at the NAC Swimming staff’s discretion. The deposit is non-refundable as that goes toward early season preparation. We have a limited number of spots, so we are unlikely to provide mid-season releases because it means your swimmer took a spot away from someone else.


Why should we join NAC Swimming?

We do things a bit differently at the NAC. Our focus is on quality over quantity and building proper technical habits at the foundational level before stressing them with intensity (focus on speed, pacing, and aerobic training is done after we are comfortable with stroke technique). We provide a high level of individualized attention and pour a tremendous amount of effort into each individual swimmer, explaining the “why behind the what” across all levels in a way that’s developmentally appropriate. This allows swimmers to learn what correct strokes feel like and understand how to self-correct. We believe that this is the best process for long-term success in the sport (no “garbage yardage” here!).

In the spirit of preventing burnout and creating well-rounded athletes, we are supportive of outside activities. We try to swim as fast as we can on the smallest amount of practice time necessary. But, in return, we ask that athletes are focused and engaged during all practice times. Our team focus is “continuous improvement”—while we recognize that everyone progresses at their own pace, we want to try our best to get a little better every day.


When is the latest date I can register?

We will take swimmers up until September 16; however, our team may fill before that date. As previously stated, mid-season placements are rare and subject to coach discretion.