To become a Manatee, first drop by for a swim at the Manatee home pool in Emeryville (MAP).  If interested in joining, please e-mail the registrar at (please put MAM in subject line) to set up your account.  The registrar will need your full name, address, phone number, date of birth, and emergency contact information.  Also include how you’d like to pay your dues: monthly, quarterly or annually and by check or credit card (online).  Once the account is set up, you’ll receive an e-mail with instructions.

Everyone is required to register with U.S. Masters Swimming / Pacific Masters Swimming. The annual dues covers insurance, the Pacific Masters newsletter, and a monthly subscription to USMS Swimmer Magazine. The Pacific Masters Swimming membership information can be found online at  Once you receive your membership card, please e-mail your USMS membership number to the registrar at

As of January 1, 2020, the fee schedule is: 

Monthly      $90.00                     

Quarterly   $250.00                 

Yearly        $990.00                 

Payment must be made by the 10th of the month or you must add a late fee of $10.00 per month.

It's also possible to sign up for 10 drop-in swims for $200.   Please use the link after this sentence to request a new 10 swim card.  If you are a new member, please send your receipt as a new member to  REQUEST DROP-IN SWIM CARD- go here.

The Manatee Dues Policy can be found here.

We accept dues by electronic payment, through an account set up on this website. Please contact the registrar to request any other arrangement.

Questions regarding dues should be directed to Registrar. (please put MAM in the subject line)

Receiving Communications from MAM

Manatee information is most often disseminated by email.  This includes the Manatee Newsletter, as well as current announcements.  Sometimes announcements are timely, such as pool closures or schedule changes. The email address these notices come to is the email address you provide for your login on the Manatee website.  So be sure to keep this address up to date or you will not receive any information!  You will notice that you can also enter up to two alternative email addresses so you can receive announcements at multiple addresses.