Practice Policy reminder

As we go through the season it is important that everyone remember and follow NRG's policies for practice.

They can be found in detail in the NRG Handbook, and we strongly encourage parents and athlete to read through them.

Here are a couple of the important highlights that need to be addressed at present.

1. Athletes are expected to be at the pool ready to swim 15 min. prior to the start of their practice time.

2. Athletes are expected to help in the set-up and breatk-down of the pool and the begining and conclusion of practice.


Note- if a child is late, or practice does not start on time, that time and training is lost, we do not have the time at the end of practice to make up what is missed. 

3. Parents must observe practice from the balcony, and should not insert themselves into practice in anyway.  Please refrain for distraction athletes and coaches during practice.

4. Any athlete or parent that needs to speak with a coach should do so only prior to 5pm or after 7pm, never during practice.  The coach must be focused on the swimmers in the water at all times.

5. There are other programs using the pool before and after us, please be curtious and kind in your interaction with them, respect there right to use the pool as well.

We thank you for cooperating with us on this matter, so that we may continue to provide an excellent product for your children.


The NRG Coaching Staff