I could tell you that NRG Swimming gave me all my best friends, taught me fundamental skills at a young age, and gave me the skill and endurance to eventually compete at the Division 1 level... all of which are true. However, I want to tell you what makes this program unique from every other team in the area. NRG Swimming built certain characteristics within me that allowed me to face adversity and successfully meet and overcome those challenges. NRG caters to the needs of each individual swimmer. The coaches don't treat you any differently based on times and ability. Each athlete receives genuine care and attention which makes the overall experience personalized. What I learned during my tenure at NRG was that through perseverance, determination, and a strong will I could do whatever I set my mind to. I was going to be the swimmer I was no matter where I went; but at NRG I became the best version of myself. Coach Ray taught me to stand my ground and believe in myself. He also instilled within me that you can never give up on yourself because that is when you are moments away from greatness. NRG Swimming was incredibly influential in the last 16 years of my life and I will carry everything I learned with me as I continue into my post-swimming life. No matter my times or numerous accolades received for swimming, the memories and friendships made at NRG Swimming are what mean the most to me. 

Taylor Kane

My Name is Meredith LaBerge and I swam for NRG Swimming for 11 years. During this time I was able to evolve and thrive as a competitive swimmer. I went from a young girl who just hoped to complete a 25 yard freestyle to moving on to be a division one distance swimmer. The coaching staff at NRG focused on each individual swimmer and what they needed to succeed. This coaching style was something that was invaluable for my swimming career. They also allowed for us to have a healthy balance between our high school swim teams and USA club swimming. NRG was not only a place that helped me to grow as a swimmer but as an individual. The friends that I made on the team are still my best friends to this day, 5 years after graduating from NRG. This team has meant so much to me that I have decided to join the team again, this time as a coach. I couldn't wait to continue my time working with my NRG family and help other kids have the same experiences I did!

-Meredith LaBerge

My name is Vadim Belogorodsky and I began swimming for NRG at the age of nine all the way up to the present, when Ray lets me splash around in the mornings with his high school prep team. As a kid, NRG was a place where I could exercise after school, but more importantly, it was where I met most of my best friends and achieved the most personal growth. Although not the easiest program in the region, it taught me all of the valuable skills I needed such as responsibility, commitment, and determination, that helped me become captain of my collegiate team and succeed further in life. Not to mention, it kept me in fantastic shape all those years. Because NRG and the associated memories instilled such a love for the sport in me, I began coaching my alma mater straight after graduation and continue to be active in the aquatic community. For that, I can’t thank NRG enough. 



I started swimming for NRG when I started competitive swimming at 9 years old. 14 years later, I can say that I am still best friends with the same girls I started swimming with when I first joined the team. This team gave me the foundation of swimming technique to build upon and become stronger as I continued with the sport. As I got older, I valued swimming increasingly with each year. I was taught the value of hard work and how it pays off to go the extra mile. I was also taught how slacking off just the slightest each day can lead to a devastating end of the year meet. The coaches at NRG taught me to me be a more respectful person by listening to them while explaining sets as well as pointers on how to be a better swimmer. The coaches also care about each and every swimmer by having their best interest at heart. The support I have received from the coaching staff at NRG helped me through many tough times. Through NRG, I learned how to time manage between school and swimming at a young age. I was able to carry this skill on with me to high school and college. I eventually committed to swimming in college at the Division I level because of the foundation NRG laid for me at a young age. The friends I made at NRG are life long friends. There is something special about working through a hard set with teammates and how this creates a special bond between friends. In the summers while in college, I came back to NRG to train. The practices are different and always interesting. Coach Ray Keown is very knowledgeable about swimming and genuinely cares about all his swimmers. If it hadn't been for NRG swimming, I would not have stuck with the sport for as long as l did. I have NRG Swimming to thank for where my love of swimming began. 

-Carly Deeter