1. PENN receives 20% off all TYR products due to our sponsorship and Swim Outlet is the easiest way for PENN to pass the savings on to the parents.
  2. Swim Outlet has the best deals unless PENN has something in stock.   
  3. PENN receives cash back for purchases make through our Swim Outlet online store link! This link can also be found on the home page of our website.

We ask that everyone orders the equipment that we are asking for. We are aware other companies make similar items, but we are asking for these sizes and items for a reason. Coach Rich isn’t into wasting money so if he is asking for a specific item there is normally a reason behind it.

PENN will offer team sales throughout the season and any of the used equipment we have is discounted. We also take donations of old equipment.

  • Goggles please get goggles your swimmer likes. DON’T get cheap ones the kids’ eyes will appreciate it.
  • Swimsuits Team suits, we do not make them mandatory. Practice suits, we always suggest looking at the discounted items. We will talk about suits at the parent meetings but swimsuits should always be tight. Boys normally have more issues then girls with this.


  • Mesh Bag (we have team bags for sale - $15)
  • Kick Board
  • FinsFins 2
  • Water Bottle
  • Donut, Rubber Ducky or Small Soft Toy (that floats)
  • Goggles (two pair)