Swimming Practice Groups and Expectations

Practice Group




The senior group represents the highest level of training within PAAC. Swimmers in this group are encouraged to attend all training sessions which are typically held 6 days per week. Swimmers are encouraged to prioritize training, nutrition and recovery over other activities.

Expectations: 1. Prepares swimmers to compete at the local, regional and National levels. 2. The physiological, psychological, and biomechanical areas of swimming are taught. 3. Consistently improve the commitment level and training/racing ability from year to year. 4. Learn skills and drills. 5. Learn leadership skills. 6. Complete all IMX events. 7. Increase fitness level. 8. Increase strength. 9. Attendance should improve, not decline as the athlete matures.  10. Participate in all meets. 11. Strong desire to improve. 12. Good standing with coaching staff. 13. Ability to train with other swimmers in the group


The Gold group is our top Junior group and is geared toward our more advanced age groupers. Swimmers in this group are encouraged to attend all practices which are typically held 5 days per week. This group is for swimmers around the ages 11-14 years old.

Expectations: 1. Improve swimmer’s technique, starts and turns. 2. Increase commitment level from the Silver group. 3. Improved learning with race strategies, 4. Participation in all meets is encouraged. 5. Complete all IMX events. 6. Should be able to retain instruction and take ownership for their performances in both training and competition. 7. Learn competitive spirit. 8. Should be learning how to excel with underwater kicking. 9. Increase fitness level. 10. To move to the Senior group, the Lead Gold Coach, along with the Head Coach, will have the final decision.


The Silver group is for our top 9-year-old swimmers, as well as swimmers ages 10-14. This group will focus on perfecting stroke technique with an equal emphasis on endurance training. We also encourage this group to attend 4-5 practices each week.

Expectations: 1. Improve strokes, starts and turns. 2. Learning race strategies. 3. Must be able to do 100 yards of each individual stroke. 4. Trying to complete all IMX events. 5. Should have a knowledge of the pace clock during training. 6. Participation in all meets is encouraged. 7. Should be able to do underwater kicks. 8. To move to the Gold group, the Lead Silver Coach, along with the Head Coach, will have the final decision.


The Bronze group represents the first true competitive group on our team. Typically, swimmers in this group are 8-11 years old, but skill trumps age for placement in this group. We encourage this group to attend 3-4 practices per week.

Expectations: 1. Focus is on technique. 2. Improvement of starts and turns. 3. Participation in all meets is encouraged. 4. They must be able to do 50 yards of each individual stroke. 5. Must be able to swim a 100 IM without stopping. 6. Will learn how to do underwater kicking. 7. Should try to complete all IM Ready events. 8. Learn how to push off the wall correctly and use the pace clock. 9. To move to the Silver group, the Lead Bronze Coach, along with the Head Coach, will have the final decision.


STARS is an acronym for Starts, Turns, And Racing Strokes. Our focus in this group is teaching these specific aspects of swimming technique. Though there will be meets available to this group, but competition is not mandatory. The aim is to prepare swimmers for meets by developing the necessary skills for competition. The age for STARS swimmers will start no younger than 5.


Instructional represents PAAC’s introduction to competitive swimming. Instructional group focuses exclusively on the fundamentals and technique of competitive swimming. Our goal with Instructional is to give entry level swimmers the tools they need to move to our STARS group and set them up for a successful swimming career.