PAY Newsletter - 5.6.19

Rachel Carroll
May 6, 2019


It was a busy weekend for the team! 

The weather was not terribly cooperative but Saturday was a great opening meet for our Long Course Season. Congratulations to all of our athletes who participated - we’re off to a great start!

Again the weather wasn’t helpful but the Banquet was a great success on Sunday and a wonderful opportunity to showcase what it means to be a part of the PAY swim family. We owe a huge thank you to all the volunteers who made this event possible! Congratulations to all of our award winners and especially to all of our graduating Seniors - we wish you all the very best in the next chapter of your stories and remind you that you always have a home with your swim family!

Coaches Corner...from Coach Anthony

1.) Personally I'd like to thank all parents, swimmers, and coaches for a successful short course season.  It was fun, challenging, and incredibly rewarding.  I'm excited to build off of this season and get even better as we move forward into the Long Course season and beyond.  A special thanks to all who helped organize and speak at the banquet - it was a truly wonderful experience and a special day!  I also want to say that I am proud to be part of the PAY family - my family and I are so thankful to be here and we are looking forward to becoming even more integrated into the PAY family.  (And if anyone was wondering, I got sunburned at the Long Course meet on Saturday - that's why my face was so red - I was nervous, but NOT THAT nervous!)

2.) The practice schedule for the remainder of the summer has been posted to the website! There is both a calendar and detailed description. Please note there may be one or two minor adjustments but we wanted to get what we had out for planning purposes for you.  Note we will be starting Long Course the week of June 10.  Swimmers still in school will have the option to practice at night that week at Baker Park.  Note we will be running dry-land and that schedule will be sent out at a later date.

PAY Team Info:

1.) The NBAC Prelim/Final and the Ridley Long Course meet are both NEXT weekend (5/17-5/19.) As soon as we receive additional details about these meets (warm up times, etc.,) we will pass them along. As always, if you have any questions, please speak with one of your swimmer’s coaches. Please note that the Ridley Meet at GCIT is now closed to any additional entries.

2.) AM Practices for National Group start tomorrow - T/TH in May from 5:30-6:45 AM.

Baker Park Team Info:

Coach Anthony will be finalizing the registration process this week. We will, of course, publish this information as soon as it’s available. In the mean time, please click here for a link to the Baker Park meet schedule. Meets sign-ups will also be published to the website soon.

Odds & Ends:

1.) Lots of baseball hats were left behind at the banquet. Please email Kate to arrange pick-up. 

2.) If you left your rookie certificate behind at the Banquet, it will be filed in your family folder.

3.) Speaking of family folders, please take a moment to clean our your folder and make sure you have picked up any remaining ribbons or other awards from the end of the Short Course season.

Have a great week!