PAY Newsletter - 7.1.19

Rachel Carroll
Jul 1, 2019


Thank you: A big THANK YOU to Coach Colin for all his time, energy, and enthusiasm with our summer swim teams this summer!  Colin reports to the Navy this weekend so everyone be sure to wish him well when you see him at practice and our dual meet tomorrow night!  We hope Coach Colin comes back next summer!! Good luck and we will miss you!

Coaches Corner:

SIGN UP for JO’s is OPEN – please click here to sign up – if you are not going to be attending all sessions, please leave a note!

Please note that Long Course practice from 6-8 AM is open to all Senior swimmers on Monday’s and Friday’s from 6-8 AM.   There was an error on the practice calendar and I profusely apologize for this mistake.

Information for the Cam Evans Invite will be posted as soon as we have it available from the host team.

The team is doing a great job with practice and is improving weekly.  It’s been great for us coaches to be a part of this group this summer – very responsive, hard-working, and spirited!  We’re excited for the upcoming Long Course and Summer League meets!

Baker Park Team Info:

  1. We won our dual meets against North End and Upper Perk YMCA last week. Congratulations to all swimmers who swam—and thank you to all parents who volunteered.  We cannot have swim meets without many families chipping in to help.   Meet results are posted on the league’s website at and swimmers will have their meet results posted on our website under My Account/Account Info/Member/Meet Results.
  2. Dual Meet HOME and INSIDE at the YMCA tomorrow July 2.  Deadline has passed to enter your swimmer but there are still opportunities for you to sign up to help volunteer – We need parents to sign up for the following jobs- 1 timer (1st half), 1 Finish Recorder/Place Judge (1st and 2nd halves);  50:50 (1st half); Swimmer Lineup Helpers (2nd half); SETUP (during AM practices Tuesday- please help if you can as we move things from outside to inside to set up the snack bar and the pool deck).  All of these jobs can be done by new parents or veteran parents; on the job training.  Swimmers and families for both teams will be sitting in the West Gym during the meet with parents able to go to the bleachers to watch their swimmers during their events.  Bring Chairs!! We do not have enough space for every parent to sit on the pool deck during the entire meet so we kindly ask that when you are not volunteering you come to the pool deck to watch during their events and then go back to the West Gym to allow others to watch their children swim.  PARKING will be tight- remember no one is allowed to park in grass or handi-capped spaces or in fire lanes.
  3. COINS FOR COACHES FUNDRAISER: Thank you all for participating!  As a team we have raised almost $300 for the summer league’s cause to support Gabriella DiDio and A Mother's Wish.  Baker Park will continue to accept any check or cash donation during the 7/2/19 swim meet – please hand directly to Kate Baganski at the scorer’s table - and our 50:50 proceeds will be added to the contribution to the cause.  The top three winning coaches for our fun challenge are Coach Dan, Coach Colin, and Coach Jack.  They will be recognized before the meet with some fun attire and Coach Dan gets the grand prize of a whipped cream pie in the face! **** If your swimmer wants to be the lucky one to pie Coach Dan in the face then they can add their name to the hat for $1 when they report to the home meet tomorrow and immediately after warmups.  Proceeds will be added to our donation to the non-profit noted above. The winning swimmer will be drawn around 5:45pm to help Coach Dan celebrate.
  4. Deadline is Friday, July 5 to sign up for the three meets the week of July 8-14.
  5. If your swimmer wants to participate in Championships at the end of our July season, they must participate and swim in at least 3 dual meets this summer.  A dual meet is the Tuesday or Tuesday night swim meets.
  6. DON’T MISS OUT --SWIMMERS of ALL AGES- including parents- can attend and participate in the Annual Relay Carnival at Nine Oaks Swim Club (in Collegeville) on July 13.  The day is filled with fun and music and cannonball contests and more! Details are on our team website and the attached flyer here.  All you have to do is Commit to Attend Yes or No.  If you have questions or if you are a parent or coach who wants to swim in the family or coach relays, email Kate Baganski

We wish all of our athletes and families a safe and happy Independence Day! Have a great week.