Weekly Newsletter for Swim Team- July 29

Kate Baganski
Jul 29, 2019



Coaches Corner:

PAY Families –

Hope you are well!  Want to say that I had an amazing summer at Baker Park – it was a great mix of good old-fashioned hard work and fun – the team atmosphere and the opportunity to work with and watch the swimmers improve made the time and effort we put in well worth it!  Well done everyone!

Our Long Course Season is wrapping up, as well – we are off to YMCA Nationals Tuesday through Saturday this week, and some of our age groupers will be competing at Zones on August 7-10.  You can follow along for each meet at www.ymcaswimminganddiving.org AND www.easternzoneswimming.org.

We’ve got a decent amount of information regarding Registration and Details for the upcoming short course PAY Fall/Winter/Spring season, so please bear with us as this will be a bit longer than usual.  As promised, attached is the 2019-2020 short course practice schedule, as well as the 2019-2020 USA & YMCA Short Course Invitational Meet Schedule 



Regarding practice groups – we are making some changes to the group names, and below I’ve included a few initial brief notes on the process:

Our Bronze and Blue groups will be called Bronze 1 and Bronze 2.  The Silver group will remain as “Silver”.  These groups will be for most 8 & Under swimmers and all developmental/beginner 9-12-year old swimmers.

Our groups for more advanced swimmers ages 9 & above will be called Junior B, Junior A, Senior B, and Senior A.  These groups will be split by age with most swimmers in the Senior Groups age 14 and older, and most swimmers in the Junior Groups ages 9-13.  Swimmers will then be sorted by current skill level/experience as to whether they are placed into the corresponding “A” or “B” group.  Note this is not a one size fits all and there may need to be some level of flexibility with the age ranges in the groups.

We will be using a Google Calendar that we will link to the website that will have weekly practice schedules reflected – although the template sent out is what we will use the majority of the time, we will need to make changes for days when we host home Phoenixville HS meets, taper/rest weeks, holiday breaks, and snow or any other sort of unforeseen cancellations. 

Individual practice group assignments and more detailed practice group descriptions will be sent to the team by Friday, August 9 at the latest.

Regarding the USA/Invitational meet schedule:

We are again going to attend the UDAC Rocktober meet and the F&M Holiday Classic – they are both high quality meets at very good facilities about as close to us as possible considering the level of competition at each.  We are also keeping the Ridley December meet as that is a strong prelims/finals alternative to the F&M meet for many of our swimmers without cuts to F&M.

We are adding two meets in York to the schedule – one at the beginning of October, and one the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Both meets are at a top-notch facility and will include very strong competition (NBAC will be at the October meet, and many of the top YMCA’s in PA and New Jersey will be at the November meet, as well as York Y at both meets).  I understand the distance may be a bit further than other meets offered in years previous (York’s Graham Aquatic Center is about 1.5 hours from Phoenixville Y), but I believe the value our team will get out of these meets will be significant and worth the extra time/finances allocated to travelling.

Looking ahead to January & February, we will again attend Winterfest, and hopefully the Jersey Wahoos Sweetheart meet at GCIT.  The JW meet is tentative until we receive the dates of our league championship meet (usually announced in September).  If the league championship schedule stays the same as last year, the dates will not conflict, but this is not a guarantee until we get the schedule.

Looking at local YMCA Invitationals – we will again attend the Kennett Invitational and the Reading Invitational, and these meets are highly encouraged for our developmental swimmers.

Of course, our Turkey Trot meet is for the entire team and is one of the best events of the year, swim meet or otherwise!  12 & Under swimmers compete, 13 & O swimmers volunteer, and it’s a great time for everyone!  Put November 17 on your calendar!!

****Lastly, our sign-up pages for the USA Meets up through December will be posted online tonight and linked with the meet schedule.  We’ll need to turn these around quickly so please sign up ASAP if you know you are attending.  All other 2019 meets will be posted in September, as these meets are not as time sensitive as the ones currently posted.

IMPORTANT: Regarding the registration process for the 2019-2020 PAY swim team season:

For returning PAY swimmers (if you swam for PAY last Fall/Winter)– we will create an event in Team Unify that will ask you to commit to the 2019-2020 season.  Essentially this event will serve as your registration and secure your spot for the season.  To sign up, you will simply need to “attend” the event – by clicking “attend”, you will be authorizing the Y to sign you up for the monthly drafts and bill you for the registration fee – and you will be good to go for the season – as simple as a few mouse clicks

We will also ask you to update your information in Team Unify – any medical information, address changes, and T-Shirt sizes

We will ask that returning swimmers commit to the team by August 19.  Look for the email with the event within the week.

For new Fall/Winter PAY swimmers (if you were new to the swim team this Spring or Summer), they will need to register and fill out the paperwork at the YMCA.  We will be offering only three registration nights for new swimmers that will also include an evaluation process, so if you have friends, please feel free to pass this information along – August 22 3:00-7:00 PM, August 26 7-8:30 PM, and August 27 3:00-7:00 PM. 

All swimmers, once registered, will be placed on the monthly draft.  Swimmers will be billed the 1st of each month (September-July), unless they “opt-out” the 15th of the month prior by emailing Coach Anthony prior to the 15th of the month prior.


Baker Park Summer Swim Team Info:

  1. Congrats to 10 year old Brynn Lewis for breaking the Meet Records in the girls 10&Under 50 free and 25 fly events last week at A Champs.  In addition, Brynn broke the Baker Park Pool record with her 31.19 second swim in the 50 free, breaking a record held for 10 years.  Way to go!
  2. Thank you to all the families who donated items for the 1st Annual Preston Dray Pantry Project Food Drive in honor of Preston, his mother and sister who lost their lives in July in a flash flood near Boyertown.  Our team contributed 4 full boxes of items to the cause from our A Champs and our Picnic collection boxes and I know many families brought items separately to B Champs.  We will look to help this cause next summer as well.  There are over 200 collection sites throughout the tri-county area through August 18th.
  3. Thanks again to all the families and friends who volunteered during our summer swim meets.  We could not have a swim team without everyone's efforts.