More Info about Team Parkas

Meg Florio

**This memo is for those who are ordering Parkas from Toad Hollow**

Parkas - [Order deadline 10/15] Available for order from Toad Hollow at:

Parka offered: Speedo Unisex Team Parka.  The $99 price listed is for a non-personalized Parka (no team logo on the back or name on the front).

Please place all orders for parkas (Toad Hollow) by Thursday, October 15th. If you do not want personalization, then you may have your parka delivered or you can pick it up in the store.


If you are interested in personalization of your parka, please select “Yes embroidery” on your Toad Hollow order.  Any parkas requiring embroidery will be picked up from Toad Hollow by the Apparel Committee and then forwarded to our Spiritwear vendor for personalization.

To sign-up and pay for your parka(s) personalization, please go to:

You may choose the full personalization option (name on front, PAY Swimming in Tackle Twill on the back) for a fee of $40, OR you may select just the embroidered name on the front for $6.

Sign-up deadline for personalization is 10/15.  Please specify what size parka you ordered from Toad Hollow and be sure to note what name you’d like embroidered on your parka.  If you have multiple parkas, please be sure to request personalization for each parka separately.

Meg Florio will be handling the distribution of the personalized parkas once they are completed.  Further information about distribution will be provided.

**Please note:  We are placing a bulk order for parkas based on all orders received by October 15th.  If any orders are placed after the 15th, some parka sizes may not be available and any desired personalization will be the individual parent’s responsibility.


If there are any questions, please email Meg Florio at [email protected]