THANK YOU-PAY Swim Team's Virtual Angel Tree will bring homeless families some holiday joy- $1970.00 raised in 6 days!

Kate Baganski

THANK YOU!  We exceeded our team goal and we raised $1970.00 for the homeless famililies our swim team is sponsoring this holiday season.  Yahoo! Please read below for more details.    Thank you!  We did it!! Go PAY!  Stay tuned for photos of when the gift cards are presented to the Shelter in next week's newsletter!


This will be our swim team’s 16th annual Angel Giving Tree!  More than ever the local families in the homeless shelters need our help, and we want to continue to make the holidays as best as the circumstances allow for the children in Phoenixville's Code Blue Shelter run by Ann's Heart right here. The shelter has identified 3 homeless families, with a total of 9 children, whom our swim team can help this season.

While we usually delight in choosing and wrapping gifts on their wish lists, due to covid restrictions, we are humbly asking our PAY Swim Team families to make a monetary donation which will be used to purchase Walmart gift cards.

Our PAY Swim Team Goal is to raise at least $1,600 within the next 7 days.....we can easily do this with at least a $10/swimmer donation.    We then will take 100% of the money to purchase Walmart gift cards for the three homeless families.  Please VENMO your donation to the Baganski family via  Venmo  @Michael-Baganski-1 and his cell number is 610-212-0390.  The PAC Board will verify the Venmo billing statement detailing all PAY donations to verify that 100% of the PAY family venmo donations over the next week are used for the gift cards for the homeless families.  If you do not have venmo and you would like to donate, please email Kate Baganski at [email protected] this week and she can make separate arrangements with you. In those circumstances, cash donations will be tracked via an email.  

Thank you in advance for your generosity in helping these families and their 9 children during this time of thanksgiving! Let's spread our PAY love!