Parkland Swim Club

Empowering Youth Leaders Through Swimming

Executive Board:

President – Bill Platt,  Email: [email protected] 

Vice President – Alicia Zaffiro (Booster Club President), Email: [email protected]

Treasurer – Jessie Yeager, Email: [email protected]

Secretary – Lena Khais, Email: [email protected]

Program Director – OPEN

At Large Board Members:

At Large – Brendon Kur

At Large – Tina Montone

Age Group Parent Representative – Jessie Yeager, Email: [email protected]

Parkland Swim/Dive Booster Club/Senior Group Representative –  Meridith Dorner-Rafeld, Email: [email protected]

Background information:


Alicia Zaffiro (Vice President)

I have a passion for the sport and have fond memories of swimming and diving in high school.  My husband and our 3 kids (Briana, Nick and Julianne) started loving the sport at KBGH in 2010 and love this sport because of the discipline it teaches and comradery our kids enjoy as teammates.  I am starting my 8th year on the PHS Swimming and Diving Booster Club Board and will be serving PSC as Vice President.  I have enjoyed watching our kids fall in love with the sport and I am looking forward to a great year of swimming and growth for the club.

Lena Khais (Secretary)

I fell in love with swimming through the passion that is shared by my husband (a former high school water polo player) and our 2 children, Dannik and Anna. I have seen first-hand what this sport can do for a child through setting gentle guardrails of discipline to help them always strive for the personal best – in the water and in school. I loved having “the best seat in the house” starting as a timer and then getting certified as a stroke & turn judge in 2020. Some of our finest memories are weekends spend with the team (and “the team behind the team” – swim parents) at away meets. As my kids enter their 8 th swim season as 11 th and 8 th graders, it feels very special for me to be able to give back to the club and to make sure that all families ~ current and new~ have the same amazing experience from learning how to swim to making swimming a lifetime love.