Parkland Swim Club

Empowering Youth Leaders Through Swimming


We are dedicated to excellence.
We believe that excellence is only earned through dedication, work, and self-discipline.
We believe that teaching excellence through swimming teaches excellence in life.
We believe that we can do anything we set our minds to.
We believe that we are all capable of achieving excellence.
We will never settle for average.
We become excellent by setting tough goals, and seeking them out.


We are proud to be Trojans.
We all work towards making Parkland a team we are proud of.
Everyone has a role in making the team great.
Everyone is responsible for carrying the reputation of the club, so our behavior is such that it reflects the team in a positive way.
We behave like ladies and gentlemen.
We follow the golden rule when interacting with each other.
We don’t put down the competition; we rise to compete with it.
We don’t whine when we lose, we don’t act boastful when we win.
We don’t lose, we learn.
We embrace the suck.


We support our teammates and their levels of achievement.
We encourage positive peer pressure.
We push our teammates to be better in a positive fashion.
We respect every teammate.
We know that we are only as good as the whole.  Everyone’s performance at practice makes us better or worse as a whole.
We believe teammates are responsible for making us better at every workout, every day.


We set a good example no matter where we are.
We make no excuses.
We take responsibility for our actions.
We make excellence happen.  We decide how great we will be.
We make our miracles. We don’t wait hoping for them to happen.
We work hard enough, and prepare enough, to leave nothing to chance.


We know that excellence takes time.
We are in it to win it no matter how long it takes.
We know it takes thousands of high quality repetitions to make excellence in everything we do.
We know our day-to-day choices will determine our ability to excel.
We finish what we start, no matter how hard the task, no matter how hard the struggle.


We seek out challenges.
We embrace the hard work it takes to be excellent.
We see the opportunity to learn during difficult sets.
We are not afraid of failure. We see failure as a learning tool for the next challenge.
We want to race everyone.  We value the opportunity to race the elite. We believe that racing excellence makes us better, and shows us a glimpse at how to practice better.