Piranha Post

Jessica Helwig

Happy New Year! 


A reminder there will be no practice this evening or Friday. Be sure to double check the practice schedules on the webpage for the exact time and location for your practice group.  


Friday is the League Final dive meet at home against Souderton. Saturday’s League Finals meet is against DCAA. Please declare commitment by Wednesday afternoon. Don’t forget job sign ups and snack bar donations. 


Dive vs. Souderton HOME

Arrival: 6:00PM

Warm Up: 6:10PM

Meet Start Time: 7:00PM



Arrival: 12:30PM

Warm Up: 12:45PM

Meet Start Time: 1:30PM



Arrival: 11:45AM

Warm Up: 12:00PM

Meet Start Time: 12:30PM


Some of the family folders are getting full with ribbons from the season’s invitationals. Please be sure to check yours and clear out.  


Important Dates


Jan 3rd - Board Meeting


Jan 6th - Dive League Finals vs Souderton


Jan 7th - League Finals vs DCAA


Jan 14th - EAAC January Jam USA Swimming Meet


Jan 21st - Swimming B champs (Girls @ Souderton; Boys @ Pennridge)


Jan 22nd - Swimming A champs (@ LaSalle Girls AM session, Boys PM session)


Jan 27th - 1 Mile Swim USA Swimming Meet


Jan 28th - Diving B champs (@ CB South High School)


Jan 29th - Diving A champs (@ LaSalle)


Feb 3 - Team Banquet 


Feb 4 - PAAC Groundhog USA Swimming Day Meet 


Feb 18- USA Swimming UDAC Meet 


Mar 21 - ISCA Senior Cup USA Swimming Meet


See you all at the pool!