Piranha Post

Jessica Helwig

Congratulations to the swimmers who swam yesterday’s USA meet. 


For all swimmers participating in Champs this coming weekend, please see below for meet details. Volunteers are needed/required for both A and B Champs. Please be sure to double check that you have signed up for the session that matches your swimmer. 


GIRLS B Champs @ Souderton

Session 1: 8U and 10U

Warm Up: 7:30AM

Meet Start Time: 8:30AM

Session 2: 12U, 14U and Open

Warm Up: 12:30PM

Meet Start Time: 1:30PM


BOYS B Champs @ Pennridge

Session 1: 8U and 10U

Warm Up: 8:00AM

Meet Start Time: 9:00AM

Session 2: 12U, 14U and Open

Warm Up: 11:30AM

Meet Start Time: 12:30PM


A Champs @ LaSalle University

AM Session: Girls

Arrival: 7:00AM

Warm Up: 7:50AM

PM Session: Boys

Arrival: 12:15PM

Warm Up: 1:00PM


Be sure to double check the practice schedules on the webpage for the exact time and location for your practice group. On Thursday, January 19 ALL swim practices will be held at Ursinus; 7-8PM Level 1 and 2, 8-9PM Level 4 and 5. There will be no dive practice on Thursday.


Important Dates


Jan 21st - Swimming B champs: Boys at Pennridge; Girls at Souderton 


Jan 22nd - Swimming A champs at LaSalle University


Jan 27th - 1 Mile Swim USA Swimming Meet


Jan 28th - Diving B champs


Jan 29th - Diving A champs 


Feb 3 - Team Banquet


Feb 4 - PAAC Groundhog USA Swimming Day Meet 


Feb 18- USA Swimming UDAC Meet 


Mar 21 - ISCA Senior Cup USA Swimming Meet 


See you all at the pool!