Coaching Philosophy

Plymouth Whitemarsh Aquatic Club swimmers have the privilege and honor of being trained by a coaching staff that is second to none.  PWAC is led by Coach Caroline Boland who is considered to be one the best age group coaches in the country.  As she has done for many years, Coach Boland continues to work along side of legendary coach Richard Shoulberg who is revered by the international swimming community and has had a profound influence on the sport world-wide.  Together, they have developed an amazing coaching staff who are carrying on the tradition of excellence that they have established.

The following are excerpts from The Swim Coaching Bible which will provide some insight into the philosophy that is deeply rooted in PWAC

From Chapter Twenty-Two:  Individual Medley Training
By Dick Shoulberg
Hannula, Dick and Thornton, Nort, eds.  The Swim Coaching Bible.  Illinois:  Human Kinetics, 2001.  Print.

“My philosophy, as a grass roots swim coach, is that it is important to expose athletes to all four competitive strokes and not to allow them to specialize in any one event or one stroke before the age of 12.  Conditioning athletes with all four strokes creates a stronger team atmosphere, as all the athletes practice together, and most important, it is the best way to develop total body strength, coordination, and balance in the young or developmental swimmer.  Working all four strokes each day combats the fatigue factor in training, and changing the stroke patterns builds more strength than doing only one pattern per day.”

“In my opinion, the IM incorporates everything a swimmer needs to know about swimming.  It teaches proper pace, race strategy, conditioning, and transitional turns."

“I prefer to train swimmers for the longest IM event, the 400IM, or for the 12-and-unders, the 200IM, rather than the 100IM.  The longer race incorporates all the elements they need – stroke mechanics, endurance, speed, starts, and turns – while the shorter event does not cover endurance as adequately.”