As we prepare for the busy season ahead we’d like to take this opportunity to welcome our new families and remind everyone that good sportsmanship is an essential aspect of our team.

The coaches speak with your children about what it looks like to be a good teammate.  We wanted to reach out to give you a sense of these conversations with the hope that you might continue them at home.  Throughout the season please remind your swimmers of the following:

During all swim meets, swimmers should sit with the team, cheer for their teammates, and show good sportsmanship at all times

Swimmers are to remain in the pool until every swimmer has finished the event, and to shake hands with the swimmer to their right and left.

Swimmers should try for a best time with each swim and not compare themselves to their teammates. Any swimmer who achieves a "personal best" is a winner!

While a lot is required of each individual in swimming, teamwork is what makes an average swim team a great one. This team spirit is infectious and it is even more important when your teammate a lane over has a bad day or a bad race.

Finally, a few suggestions for our parents.

Cheer for your children.  Do not yell at them.  Do not tell them that they’re swimming poorly.  Our coaches will handle the feedback.  You’re there to encourage them.

Cheer for other people’s children.  Your child is on a team.  Support the team.  Cheer for all members of team.  Notice and congratulate other parents when their children swim well.  It’s a hard sport, and a little support makes everyone feel better.

Supportive parents do not use teammates to compare and thus evaluate their child's progress. These comparisons are useless, inaccurate and destructive. Performance comparisons can turn off talented athletes and will most certainly damage friendships and team morale.

Most swim meets are like most cereal box contests:  many will enter, few will win.  Your kids are going to get a lot of practice at not winning events.  Teach them to show grace and class regardless of the outcome of the event!

As always your support is appreciated and please do not hesitate to reach out to us.  We’re looking forward to a great season!