COVID Rules – SAL meets at PWHS

No alternating lanes.  Away side is lanes 1-3 (girls locker side), Home is 4-6 (boys locker side).

Meets are only for non-HS team swimmers to cut number of swimmers (14 and Under).  Anyone swimming on a high school team should be focusing on their high school teams at this time, not SAL. 

Limit heats to no more than 2 heats per event.  1 Heat if possible.

No locker room usage (only allowing family restrooms)

No snack bar, no food on deck.

Swimmers arrive and leave in swimsuits.

Limit 1 spectator per swimmer (unless one is volunteering) to cut down space upstairs

One timer per lane.

Lineup spots (swimmers) should be spaced out behind the block (6-ft) when readying for the event.

2 Deck safety volunteers (2 per team) will enforce mask wearing when not swimming and distancing for their team. 

Mask policy

  • Masks to be worn by all parents at all times.

  • Coaches, Timers and other officials/volunteers on deck will wear masks.

  • Masks to be worn by swimmers when not swimming.

  • Masks to be worn entering and exiting the building.

  • Announcer will repeatedly mention and remind mask wearing.

Prior to arriving for a meet, it is recommended for swimmers and all members of the household perform a self-monitoring of symptoms. If a swimmer, or any member of the household is experiencing a fever, or any related symptoms, we request that the swimmer does not attend the competition. If a swimmer or a member of the swimmer's household tests positive for COVID the swimmer should not participate in the meet.

All items above are subject to change as CDC and local county and/or school district guidance changes.