The Plymouth Whitemarsh Aquatic Club emphasizes long-term rather than short-term results. To accomplish this, it is important to establish training groups of swimmers who are compatible in respect to abilities, commitment levels and goals. The emphasis in the early stages of participation must be placed on developing technical skills and a love for the sport. In the later years, a more demanding physical challenge will be introduced to the training program.
The training groups include both an instructional component to develop and refine stroke technique and a training component to increase endurance and speed in the water.  Swimmers will practice in lanes with other swimmers of comparable skill sets.
At each level, the goals and objectives are specific and directed toward meeting the needs of the swimmer. The long term goal of total excellence is always in mind. As each child is different, he/she will progress at his/her own rate. The coaching staff recognizes this fact by making group assignments based on a swimmer's physical, mental, and emotional level of development. Once training begins, the coaches may consult parents to discuss changes in group assignment.  The goal is for all swimmers to improve and move up.