Things to Bring to Practice:  Typically, swimmers also have mesh bags to store this equipment.  All equipment should be marked with the swimmer's name.

  • Training suit

  • Towel

  • Goggles

  • Swim Cap

  • Water Bottle

  • Short Fins (Rookies, Groups 1 and 2, Highpoint)

  • Swim Training Snorkel (Groups 1 and 2, Highpoint)

  • Strokemaker Training Paddles (Group 1 and 2, Highpoint)

Fins and Snorkels:  

  • Groups 1 and 2 should have short fins, training snorkels, and paddles as these are used in drills that develop proper stroke techniques.
  • Rookie swimmers will need short fins only.


The links below are meant to serve as examples as to the types that are needed.