PWAC is an ability-based program, not an age-based program, as we believe that is best for the progression of all swimmers.  

To advance, swimmers must demonstrate their ability to handle the next level of training.  We find that moving a swimmer to the next training group before they are ready, physically and emotionally, is counterproductive to their success.  


The Rookies program is for swimmers who already have basic swimming skills but want to learn to swim competitively. 

Swimmers must be able to swim the length of the pool (25 yards) with their faces in the water without holding on to something.  Swimmers should also be able to float on their back and kick for a distance of 25 yards.  They do NOT need to breathe rhythmically or know breaststroke or butterfly.  The rookies are learning the foundations of each stroke.  

The program is designed to introduce and prepare kids for competitive swimming by:

  • Engaging kids in the sport of swimming at a young age.
  • Developing knowledge of proper mechanics and water safety.
  • Preparing swimmers to train by familiarizing swimmers with stroke-specific drills & starts.


This group is for the beginner to the intermediate swimmer.  The JV group is made up of swimmers who can perform all four competitive strokes and a standing dive from the side of the pool.  These swimmers will be introduced to flip-turns, diving from the block, and the concept of a “set”.  A set is a group of drills varying in distance and speed over multiple laps – each practice contains multiple sets.  JV swimmers must be able to listen and are willing to take direction.


This group is for the intermediate to advanced swimmers.   In addition to the skills described under the JV group, these swimmers must be able to dive from the blocks, read a pace clock and are expected to be able to complete training sets in their entirety.  The Varsity group consists of swimmers that demonstrate a commitment to the sport and a desire to improve. They are dedicated and dependable. 


This is an ability-based training group.  All swimmers training in this group should have a minimum of one "A" time based on the USA Swimming National Age Group Motivational Time Standards and show a commitment to the sport by attending a minimum of 80% of practices.     This training group requires prior approval.