Reporting Procedure

A swimmer who feels that he or she has been treated inappropriately may report the incident(s) by:

For further information on the PWAC grievance reporting procedure & specifics on the chain of command, please view the Grievance Reporting Policy.

There is no express time limit for initiating a complaint under this procedure, but every effort should be made to bring the complaint to the attention of a PWAC coach or PWAC board member as soon as possible to make sure that memories are fresh and behavior can be accurately recalled and the bullying behavior can be stopped as soon as possible. In response to a report, PWAC will take appropriate steps to inquire, investigate and stop any bullying or other inappropriate conduct and will take such other action as appropriate to remedy the situation

USA Swimming Reporting Procedure

  1. It is every member’s responsibility to promptly report any incident regarding sexual misconduct by a member as described above to USA Swimming’s Athlete Protection Officer. Reporting must occur when an individual has firsthand knowledge of misconduct or where specific and credible information has been received from a victim or knowledgeable third party. Pennsylvania state reporting laws must also be observed.

  2. No member shall retaliate against any individual who has made a good faith report under this policy.

  3. False reporting of sexual misconduct made in bad faith is prohibited.

  4. Neither civil nor criminal statutes of limitation apply to reports of cases of sexual abuse

Safe Sport Coordinator

Corey Babka (VP/Treasurer)