The Radnor Aquatic Club (RAC) is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization that supports the community through a wide array of organized swimming programs for children of all ages. The club's main objective is to build a positive attitude towards the sport of swimming amongst all children, ranging from the developmental to the national level swimmer. 

At the developmental level, our central focus is having fun and making our swimmers technically sound so that all children in the Radnor community are water safe.  As children progress and improve their swimming skills, we offer them the opportunity to swim on our Varsity squad.  Here, they continue to improve their technique and learn what being a member of a team entails.  We pride ourselves on the team spirit, camaraderie, support and sportsmanship that our swimmers demonstrate every day at both practices and swim meets.  These are traits that will serve them well in life, in and out of the water.  As our swimmers get older and progress to the national level, we focus further on technique and endurance in order to prepare them to move from high school to college swimming, with an increased passion for the sport.


Radnor Aquatic Club consists of both boys and girls swimming and  diving teams. These teams participate as members of the Suburban Aquatic League (SAL), which includes teams from Delaware, Montgomery, and Bucks Counties, PA (in Suburban Philadelphia).  The SAL season runs from September to mid February. RAC is also a member of the Mid-Atlanitc Zone and every swimmer on the Varsity Swim Team is a registered member of USA Swimming. RAC competes in numerous USA meets thorughout the year, mid-September  through early August.

The club is open to all swimmers and divers, but consists primarily of swimmers/divers ages 6-18. Practices are scheduled weekday evenings, and occasional weekends. Meets are held on weekends. Swimmers/divers compete according to age categories in meets; 8 and Under, 10 and Under, 12 and Under, 14 and Under, and 15 and Over (Unlimited).  Swimmers and divers practice in groups according to age and skill level. Boys and girls practice together, but may compete against separate boys and girls teams fielded by other clubs in the Suburban Aquatic League.