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USA Rules:

1. Only swimmers in White Group & above can participate!

2. Most USA Meets (unless a mini meet) are for swimmers 9 & older. Mini Meets are for swimmers 8 & Under.

3. Deadlines - Please try to sign up by deadline! It makes it easier to guarantee your child has a spot in meets.


USA meets begin in September and typically run throughout the year through June. USA meets are optional, and require sign-up. They are strongly recommended, particularly for swimmers 10 and over.

Coaches do not sign swimmers up for USA Meets UNLESS it is communicated by the coach beforehand.

SAL times (except for League Champs and certain SAL invitationals) do not count as USA meet times.

USA meets are not just for the fastest or best swimmers.  These meets are for any swimmer who wants the opportunity to compete against others of a similar age and speed.  Such competitions help all swimmers swim faster!


How to Sign Up For a USA Swim Meet

Once a USA or SAL invitational meet has been "posted" to our website (ie: it is ready for sign up), it will appear as an entry under "Swim Meets" at the bottom of the home page or in the “events” section across the top.


To sign your swimmer up:

1. Sign in to your account ("sign in" button is on the left of the home page), using the email you signed up for the team with and your password. 

2. Once you are signed in, click "Attend/Decline" for the meet you wish to enter.

3.Click on the button in the upper right hand corner and you will see a list of your registered swimmer(s).

4. Click on the swimmer you wish to enter, and the events for which s/he is eligible will appear. 

5. Click on the events you wish to enter, then "register" at the bottom, and you are set.  


USA Swimming FAQs

Does it cost anything to swim in a USA Meet?

Yes, typically the cost is between $5-$7 per event to swim at a given meet.

What is a deck entry?

A deck entry means to enter an event the day of the meet. If the team IS accepting deck entries this typically costs $10-$20. If a team is NOT accepting deck entries then your child can only swim the events they signed up for.

What does NT mean next to an event when signing my child up?

If an event has NT next to the event that means your swimmer does not have a time for that event because they have not swam it in a USA meet.

What are qualifying times?

When the event is posted it will say Qualifying Times in the meet description.

Qualifying times mean that swimmers have to have an official time that is faster than (or sometimes slower than) a particular time standard. Official times are those that are swum in USA swim meets;

If a meet has qualifying times and your swimmer IS eligible- the time will be written in black next to the event.

If the time is red that means your swimmer is ineligible for that event.


Nutritional Guidelines

See below for some nutritional tips and tricks throughout the season: