Locker Room Policy

RAC is committed to providing a safe, caring and friendly environment for all of our coaches and athletes and, consistent with being a USA Swimming club, adopts this locker room policy.

In case of misconduct in the locker room:

  1. Swimmer should leave the locker room and find a RAC coach immediately to report the misconduct. A RAC coach will open the locker room door to have swimmers report to him/her on deck.
  2. If no swimmer reports to a coach, the coach will find 2 same-sex legal guardians to enter the appropriate locker room to investigate. The guardians will tell the swimmers to see one of the coaches immediately (if dressed, etc.).
  3. If no guardians are available a same-sex staff member and/or coach will enter the locker room to stop the misconduct and report to the deck.

According to MAAPP, RAC coaches must regularly and randomly monitor the use of locker rooms. Locker rooms and  may be monitored by use of the following methods:

a. Conducting a sweep of the locker room or changing area before athletes arrive;

b. Posting staff directly outside the locker room or changing area during periods of use;

c. Leaving the doors open when adequate privacy is still possible; and/or

d. Making occasional sweeps of the locker rooms or changing areas with women checking on female locker rooms and men checking on male locker rooms. Every effort must be made to recognize when a minor athlete goes to the locker room or changing area during practice and competition, and, if the minor athlete does not return in a timely fashion, to check on the minor athlete’s whereabouts.

Legal Guardians in Locker Rooms or Changing Areas Legal guardians are discouraged from entering locker rooms and changing areas. If a legal guardian does enter a locker room or changing area, it must only be a same-sex legal guardian and the legal guardian should notify a coach or administrator in advance.

Locker room and changing area policies per MAAPP