Volunteer Policy & Background Checks


Parental involvement is key to the success of Radnor Aquatic Club. Each family is asked to participate in our club’s success by volunteering for a minimum of three meets during the fall/winter season.

To volunteer for a meet go to the RAC website (www.radnoraquatic.org), click on events, select the meet you are interested in and click on job sign up. If there are enough volunteers for a given job, the website will not allow you to sign up for this position. Select another job. To get the job you want, sign up early, keeping in mind that RAC reserves the right to deny you a particular volunteer opportunity. Parents have the responsibly to complete the clearances prior to volunteering



Radnor Aquatic Club involves more than just the swimmers and divers!  


Each year we require the help of deck parents for home and away meets, as well as timers and parents willing to serve at the concession stand at home meets only.


These positions, in addition to the board positions and any other volunteer positions designated by RAC, will be required to provide and have on file with RAD, hard copies of all three types of clearances:

1.        Child abuse clearance;

2.        Pennsylvania criminal record clearances from the Pennsylvania State police; and

3.        FBI fingerprint history or disclosure statement if you have been a resident of Pennsylvania for the past ten (10) years.


These clearances need to be completed PRIOR to volunteering.  


These clearances are of NO COST TO YOU, with the exception of the FBI fingerprinting.  




NOTE:  If you have already obtained a (i) child abuse clearance, (ii) Pennsylvania criminal record clearance from the Pennsylvania State police, and (iii) FBI fingerprint history (if needed, see below) within the previous sixty (60) months, you will not be currently required to get updated clearances as those prior clearances may be used to serve in a volunteer capacity at RAC.  If this exception applies to you, you must provide a hard copy of those early clearances to RAC. You may be required to update those clearances at a later point in time.


1.         Child Abuse History Clearance from Department of Health

  • Go to: http://www.compass.state.pa.us/cwis   to obtain this clearance.
  • Note that it may take some time to receive this certification.  Once you go to this link, you will have to create a Keystone ID and password in order to proceed. You will receive notification by email when you may view and print your certification. There is no cost for certification, as a volunteer, so please follow the instructions to apply as a volunteer.


2.         Pennsylvania Criminal Record Clearance from the Pennsylvania State Police

  • Go to:  https://epatch.state.pa.us to obtain this clearance.
  • This clearance is processed immediately.   There is no cost for certification, as a volunteer, so please follow the instructions to apply as a volunteer


3.      FBI Fingerprinting

  • If you have been a resident of Pennsylvania for the past 10 years

       i.      You do not need to obtain FBI Fingerprinting but you are required to sign the Disclosure Statement Application for Volunteers

       ii.      Please print and sign the Disclosure Statement Application for Volunteers

http://keepkidssafe.pa.gov/cs/groups/webcontent/documents/document/c_160267.pdf  You must have a witness sign the Disclosure Statement, but you do not need it notarized.

  • If you have NOT been a resident of Pennsylvania for the past 10 years

         i.      You must obtain FBI fingerprinting through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s FBI Criminal Background Check Vendor IDEMIA (also referred to as IdentoGo and MorphoTrust).

         ii.      Appointments to be fingerprinted are not required, but preregistration is required either online or by phone. To register online, please go to www.Identogo.com  ; by telephone please call 1-844-321-2101 and listen to the options menu.

         iii.      When you register, you must provide a service code for a volunteer designation.  Service Code Volunteer: 1KG6ZJ

         iv.      It may take several weeks for your clearance to be complete so please leave plenty of time.  The fee is $27.50 and is NOT waived.



  • All three clearances (or the Disclosure Statement Application for Volunteers, if applicable) must be submitted to RAC Secretary as follows :



  • Please keep a copy of your clearances for future reference.

Note:  If a volunteer is arrested for or convicted of an offense that would constitute grounds for denying participation a program, activity or service, or is named as a perpetrator in a founded or indicated report, the volunteer must provide RAC with written notice not later than 72 hours after the arrest, conviction or notification that the person has been listed as a perpetrator in the statewide database. Send to:




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