2022-2023 NLAC Registration Information

All registration will be done online through the team website. Our website is set up to accept electronic payments. PLEASE NOTE, you will not be able to register if you currently have an outstanding balance with NLAC. If your account is current, then you will be all set to register. If not, please make sure you take care of any lingering fees such as meet fees, Swim-a-Thon fundraising requirement fees, and/or the NLAC Service Requirement fees for anyone who fell short of their service requirement. You will be receiving an email with detailed instructions on how the electronic registration process will work. At that time, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Important Monthly Payment Plan Information:

Once again, all families will have the opportunity to pay for program fees monthly. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, families must fill out the electronic payment authorization form so that electronic payments can be set up using either your checking account or a credit card. Monthly paper checks will not be accepted for the monthly payment plan. All monthly payments will be done electronically. Please note that in choosing the monthly payment plan, you will still be obligated for the entire length of the session your child is being registered for regardless of their practice attendance. For example, if you register your child for the Novice Group 7 month session, monthly payments will be processed each month from September to March, even if your child stops attending practice in December.

NLAC 2022-2023 training groups, fees, and information can be found here:


Novice (2 - 45 minute practices/week)

5 month (November– March): $387.50 in full, $82.50 paid monthly 

7 month (September – March): $507.50 in full, $77.50 paid monthly 


Novice Blue (3 - 1 hour practices/week)

5 month (November– March): $512.50 in full, $107.50 paid monthly 

7 month (September – March): $682.50 in full, $102.50 paid monthly 


Junior (5 - 1.25 hour practices/week + dryland)

7 month (September – March): $875 in full, $130.00 paying monthly

Annual: $1,265.00 in full, $120.00 paying monthly


Senior Prep (6 - 1.5 hour practices/week + dryland)

Annual: $1,595.00 in full, $150.00 paying monthly


Senior (6 - 2 hour practices/week + dryland)

High School Swimmer (7 months; September-November and April-July): $1225.00 in full, $180.00 paying monthly

Annual: $1815.00 in full, $170.00 paying monthly


Other Fees Due At Registration:

USA Swimming Registration Fee - $80 per swimmer (Link will be provided to self-register.)

This is required of all NLAC swimmers. Since we are a competitive swim program, all swimmers are expected to compete in meets and this registration allows each athlete to participate in USA Swimming meets. In addition, since we are a registered USA Swimming Club, all team members practicing with our club must be registered with USA Swimming as a member of NLAC.

Team Administrative Fee - $100 per family

The is a one-time only fee that helps contribute to the many miscellaneous expenses associated with the running of our club including billing, supplies, coaches’ travel, meet hosting expenses, mailing costs, etc. These things are outside of the two biggest club expenses, pool rental and payroll.

Service Requirement Policy:

All NLAC families are required to meet a certain number of service points during the swim year as determined by your child’s training group. Please read the Service Policy in its entirety to make sure you understand the agreement.

For a step by step guide for how to complete online registration click here.