Nittany Lion Aquatic Club Service Requirement

Nittany Lion Aquatic Club (NLAC) is a non-profit organization that depends on itsmembers for success. Registration fees only cover a portion of the clubs expenses. Pool rental costs on average $90,000 per year. In addition to registration fees, the primary way in which NLAC raises revenue for the club is through the meets we host.  Running a successful meet requires the assistance of many individuals and the help of every NLAC family.

Every Meet needs at a minimum:

  • 5 admissions positions
  • 4 set up/tear down positions
  • 35 timers (one timer per lane plus head timer) – 65 timers (2 timers per lane plus head timer)
  • 5 announcer positions
  • 5 computer operator positions
  • 5 Colorado timing system operator positions
  • 5 – 8 awards worker positions
  • 5-10 safety official positions
  • 8 runner positions
  • 20 official positions
  • 5-10 hospitality worker positions

Total: 102 – 142 positions

To meet this goal NLAC has a service requirement for all families that is based on a point system. Service points can be earned by serving on various committees and/or by working at sessions during our home meets. All points must be earned within one year, which includes the long course and short course season.

NLAC typically hosts 3 meets each year, Rally In The Valley (Early Fall), Winter Splash (Early December), and Swim Fest (June). You are a member of the team for the entire 11 months even if your swimmer chooses only to swim 7 of those months and are able to earn volunteer points at any of the meets regardless of whether your swimmer is swimming in them.  A Sign-up for volunteer positions will be sent out in the week before the event.  All volunteers must sign in at the meet in order to receive credit for their service points.  In addition, NLAC families can monitor their service points under “My Account” after signing onto the NLAC website.

The total number of service points required for each family is dependent on the level of their most senior swimmer and the number of swimmers per family. The number of points required for families with more than one swimmer will be the number of points for the highest level swimmer plus half the points of the next highest level swimmer. No additional points are required for additional swimmers per family. For instance, a family with a Senior level swimmer and Junior level swimmer will be responsible for 17 (12+5) service points.

NOTE: Each point not earned by the end the July is worth $65 and will be billed to the family’s account, payable prior to the start of the next swim season. If meets are cancelled, service point requirement will be adjusted accordingly.

NLAC Swimming Levels Points Required (minimum):

  • Senior 12
  • Senior Prep 10
  • Junior 10
  • Novice Blue/White 4
  • Novice 4
  • Learn to be Competitors 1

Volunteer Positions

Volunteer Position Description

No certification required.
One or two timers per lane are responsible for:

  • Verifying swimmer name
  • Start watch at the start
  • Stop watch at the finish
  • Press plunger at the finish
  • Record time(s) on heat sheet provided for each lane
Admissions No certification required.
Responsible for ensuring all spectators pay admission
Collect admission money and sell heat sheets.

No certification required.
Assists computer operator by getting times from timer clipboards.
to post event results on walls for swimmers and parents to view.

Computer Operator

Training Required, Computer experience helpful.

Colorado Operator We would like to get volunteers who can be trained to operate the Colorado timing system.

No certification required.
Announce swimmers by lane before each heat
using PA system.


No certification required.
After each session is finalized, organize placement ribbons for each event by age group/placement and separate
by club.


No certification required.
during meet with the organization of food/drinks for coaches.
Ensure that food and drinks are kept warm/cold and available.

Safety Certification and shadowing for two meets is required.
Involves monitoring of pools and spectator areas
during meet to ensure safety of swimmers and spectators.
Meet setup/tear down

No certification required.
Help carry materials needed for the meet from the basement storage area. Return items
to storage area and assist with clean up at the conclusion of the meet.

Referees Certification and training required.
Starters Certification and training required.
Stroke and Turn Officials Certification and training required.

For more information about any of these positions, please contact us.