All Volunteers must obtain clearances.  Please visit the following link if you do not have your clearances.  Thank you.

You have taken that first step, you joined DSC, now is the time to support your child and the club by giving some of your time.  It’s easy!

We need parents to volunteer.  Five hours of volunteer time/family will result in a discount ($25) off the following season's registration fee.  The following volunteer positions are needed.

Work at awards table in stands. Places labels on awards and distribute to home and away team. Files awards in home team ribbon bins.
Clean up after the meet
Responsible for breaking down all equipment required to run the meet and picking up trash.
Clerk of Course (1 per half) 
Responsible for lining up the swimmers by event, heat and lane and getting them to the starting blocks in the correct order and on time.
Concessions workers
Work in concessions to serve, make, and sell food/drinks. On day of event check in with Concession Manager for time schedule.
Finish Judge (1 per half)
Uses customized pad and pen to record order of finishes by lane.
Floater (1 per half)
Fills in where needed at the meet. Requires flexibility. Check in with team representative.
Head Timer
Supervises the timers. Provides timer backup with two stop watches.
Lane timers (6 per half)
Use stop watch and record times for swimmers. Slots 1-6 correspond to lanes 1-6 and first-half of meet. Slots 7-12 will be the second-half timer for the lanes with the following placement: 7/Ln 1, 8/Ln 2, 9/Ln 3, 10/Ln 4, 11/Ln 5 and 12/Ln 6.
Must have attended training.
Must have attended training. Starter may also act as referee.
Stroke and Turn Judge
Must have attended annual training session.

Official Info

Officials for our meets are parent volunteers.  Yes some are PIAA certified but we can have parents trained to be the officials during dual meets.  There is no cost and you can shadow during practices and meets to learn all the rules.  There are often free clinics offered by the league.  We need you in order to make DSC a success.

If you are interested please contact Coach Alicia or Coach Gina.

Snack Bar Service

All volunteers are parents of a swimmer, DSC needs many snack bar servers throughout the day in order to allow parents to see their children swim.  Please donate your time to the snack bar, it can be an hour or it can be all meet.  The snack bar is a way for swimmers to get nutrition they need during the meet and where the spectators can grab breakfast or lunch.  Please help in any way possible.  Reach out to the snack bar coordinator Kimberly Allen if you have any questions