USA Meet Offerings/Info/Signups for Winter 2019-20

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October 26 & 27, 2019    2ndAnnual Spooky Splash Invitational @ Keystone Aquatic  Due 10/7/19

November 3, 2019         7thAnnual Fall Invitational @ Central York Aquatic              Due 10/7/19

January 4 & 5, 2020      1stAnnual New Year’s Invitational @ Keystone Aquatic         Due 12/13/19

January 19, 2020          WSY Mid Winter Classic @ Cumberland Valley (P/F)           Due 12/13/19

January 25, 2020          9thAnnual Winter Invitational @ Central York Aquatic         Due 12/13/19

Feb 15 & 16, 2020        WSY President’s Day Invite @ Cumberland Valley               Due 1/27/20


USA 2020 Swimmer Application


September 2019


DSC would like to offer four USA Swimming meets to our schedule for the Winter 2018-19 Season.  These meets are in addition to our regular FCSL meets and are optional. USA meets are only available to swimmers 11 years of age and older.  

To become a member of USA Swimming, there are a few things that need to be completed.  First, you will want to visit to familiarize yourself and become acquainted with the USA Swimming organization.  Next, head on over the which is the LSC for our area.  There you will see a tab for Swimmers and that is where you will be able to download and fill out your application.  Once completed, send one copy and the required fees ($70 total) to Middle Atlantic Swimming and give DSC a copy of your application.  Please make sure you mark your application UN for Unattached.  (DSC is not a certified USA Club, we just have certified USA Coaches.  Therefore, your membership is UN.)  Once DSC receives a copy of your application, one of our USA Coaches will certify your swimmer’s racing starts (forward and back).  This certification will need to accompany your swimmer to any USA meet they attend.  


Once the receipt and confirmation of application are communicated to you through USA Swimming, you may sign up for and declare entries for a meet.  You will need to choose your events and follow meet protocol for event limits.  

    *Please note that UN swimmers may not swim relays.  



DSC will electronically enter events by the meet deadline once payment has been received.  DSC will also charge a coaching fee/meet/day that will translate to $20/day.  Your check should be made payable to Dallastown Area School District.  You will receive confirmation of your entries after submission to the Meet Host.


DSC believes that through offering USA meets to our qualified swimmers they will be affected positively.  We feel that this opportunity will enhance an athlete’s outlook and their goals in the sport of swimming.




Thank you,


Coach Gwen Babcock 

Coach Alicia Shiflet

Coach Gina McHenry


Please contact Coach Babcock, Coach Shiflet or Coach McHenry with questions.  


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