The #EHTSEAHAWKS are proud to have swimmers that have gone on to each of the following colleges and we look forward to many more of our athletes swimming at the next level.

Committed Swimmers

Cristian Bell - Yale
Lauren Kelly - Pittsburgh
Erin Murphy - Rutgers

Joey Rogers - Lehigh
Leenah Sarhan - Rider
Maggie Wallace - Indiana

Current Collegiate Swimmers

​Michael Courter- Monmouth 
Andrew Duff - TCNJ
Kevin Gill - Ursinus
John Gregory - TCNJ

Bailey Howarth - Rowan
Derek Kniesel - TCNJ
Justin Liu - MIT
Brian McGroarty - LSU
Amanda Nunen - University of Tennessee

Past Collegiate Swimmers

Emily Barnard - Seton Hall
Steven Buzby - Rowan
Colleen Callahan - University of Tennessee
Ayanna Cox - Howard
Anthony Czar - Rowan
Sarah Czar - Villanova
Patrick Flynn - Johns Hopkins

Mackenzie Howarth - Delaware
Stephen Jensen - Virginia Tech
Ryan Karrer - UMBC
​Colleen McClintock - Georgetown
Kathryn Moorby - UMBC
Scott Moorby - Carnagie Mellon
Greta Reichard - Lasalle
​Melissa Toy - Towson
Keanna Voso - Gettysburg