2023 Spring Summer

Open for Returning Members

3/17/23 - 3/21/23


Welcome to the EHT Seahawks Electronic Registration platform for the Spring/Summer swim season!

Current members will have the opportunity to register online starting March 1st.  The registration window will remain open until Wednesday, March 15th at 9:00 AM.  Please read the online registration instructions (under "About SEA") before registering. 

The Seahawks Board of Directors has decided to not require a deposit for the Spring Summer Season, This is due to the fact that each family pays their own USA swimming registration now.  Please understand we still need anyone interested in joining to register for our planning purposes.

Practice will begin Monday, April 17th and continue through the summer.  A practice schedule will be posted the week of March 20th (that schedule will run through the end of school).  Please check the "Practice Info" tab for the calendar. 

New members (not currently on the team) cannot use the online registration platform at this time and should contact Coach Brian for more information ([email protected])