2020 summer sign ups

Open for Returning Members

5/20/20 - 5/31/20


Welcome to the EHT Seahawks Electronic Registration platform for the Summer sign ups!

Current members will have the opportunity to register online starting May 20th.  The registration window will remain open until May 29th at 9:00 AM.  

We will be running this sign up in anticipation of the possibility of practicing over the summer.  The ?summer? season would run from whenever we are able to begin practice through Labor Day.   Currently, I do not have any definitive answers as to a start date or location. 

I am asking all parents to put careful consideration into this sign up.  IF we can get in and practice this summer, we will be limited to the number of athletes which will be allowed to swim per lane.  That means every sign-up spot is extremely valuable.  Since we will be very limited on the number of swimmers allowed in the pool per practice, attendance will be critical if you choose to sign up.   If you choose not to sign up for the summer season, that will not affect your standing with the team in the fall.

There will NOT be a deposit due for this sign up and no accounts will be charged until the athletes start swimming.