Tigersharks: This level serves as the introduction to our SFY competitive swimming community.  This level is intended for 8 & under swimmers and some 9 - 10 & 11 - 12 swimmers who are learning all four competitive strokes. The emphasis is on developing the fundamentals of the strokes, starts and turns by means of drills and games in an enjoyable atmosphere for instruction. Swimmers learn the basic rules of competitive swimming and learn and exude the YMCA four core values.

Bronze: This practice level is designed for 10 & under and 11 - 12 swimmers who have expressed interest in taking on a greater involvement and commitment to our YMCA competitive swim team.  Swimmers in the Bronze group focus on mastering what is expected of them at the Silver training level.  Swimmers are encouraged to exude the YMCA four core values, teamwork, and a competitive meet setting are introduced.  Participation in competitions is encouraged throughout the season.

Silver: This practice level is designed for 10, 11-12, and 13 -14 year olds and some experienced 9 year-olds. Improving stroke as well as start and turn techniques will be the primary emphasis in this level.  Mild distances and endurance work will be introduced in training. Swimmers are encouraged to participate in all local and regional competitions that pertain to them.

Gold: Strong emphasis is placed on technique refinement with a stronger conditioning experience. General distance and IM work is also emphasized along with a strong dryland commitment and general body strengthening. Racing strategies and mental preparation are also introduced. Swimmers are encouraged to guide their peers as they put the YMCA four core values into use and emphasis is placed on supporting each individual swimmer's journey from being a participant to a leader in the program.

Junior: Swimmers in this level are continuing to build upon the habits and skills they have acquired in the Gold level.  Junior level swimmers are committed to furthering their mental and physical development as it pertains to both the sport of swimming and balancing their goals and commitments outside of the competitive sport.  Junior level swimmers have elected to train along their Senior level peers and are committed to strengthening and exuding their Tsunami pride in daily practice.  

Senior: This introduction to senior swimming emphasizes polishing stroke technique, starts and turns. The focus will be IM and distance training. This level is also for those 13 and over athletes that swim seasonally, are multisport athletes or who just want to swim to be involved with the sport.  Stroke technique, race strategy, training intensity, leadership skills, and race preparation for local, regional, and national competitions are important elements of the Tsunami swimmer's journey.


High School Warm Up: Our High School Warm Up program is for those aspiring athletes that are interested in getting a jump start on their high school season. Swimmers will receive individualized guidance on all four strokes, starts, turns, and finishes as well as develop a strong aerobic base to help transition into their high school programs in November. To participate in this program, swimmers must possess the ability to complete 100 yards of freestyle continuously, plus proficiency in backstroke, and knowledge of breaststroke and/or butterfly.


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