Tsunami Water Polo Club Update

August 2020:

Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances we find ourselves in, we are unable to offer our Tsunami Water Polo Club program in a safe and effective manner at this time.  However, we are very much looking forward to building up the momentum we had gained "pre-COVID" in the near future.  Please check back for updates & be well. 

- Coach Nicole & Coach Anna

The SFY Tsunami WP Club is a year-round program.

Co-ed 18U, 16U, 14U, 12U Program

Practices:  Sundays 4-5:30pm and Thursdays 7:15-8:45pm (beginning 3/19/20)

  • Program for middle and high school students
  • Focus on learning fundamental water polo strategy and skill, engaging in drills to improve physical strength and skill, scrimmaging, and having fun!
  • Players must have swimming ability and be able to swim at least 2 consecutive laps (we do not teach players how to swim). 
  • Players need a swim suit for practice; players with longer hair also must wear a swim cap.  Please keep nails short and avoid wearing jewelry to practice.
  • Please see our program flyer here.


  1. For Spring season
    1. ​Session I is being offered at no cost
    2. Spring II (beginning on 4/20/20) will be a $50 flat rate fee (to help fund equipment and meet other program needs) 
  2. Non-YMCA members may join the club but must sign YMCA waivers.
  3. Please register on "Protivity" via "My Gym Bag" or at the Membership Desk for communication purposes (adult email & phone number only)
  4. To receive texts and reminders about the program please use sign up for the SFY Polo Remind group. 


Co-ed Master's Program

Practices/Games:  Saturdays 4-5:30pm (beginning 3/28/20)

  • Program for post-high school players (18+ years of age)
  • Designated time for warm-up followed by games following rules of play
  • Remember, water polo is a fast-paced, contact sport; the entire pool is used to play
  • Please see our program flyer here.


  1. $5 per game drop-in fee (to help fund equipment)
  2. Non-YMCA members may also join the club but must sign YMCA waivers


Questions?  Email Coach Anna & we look forward to having Coach Nicole back with us soon.