Meet Volunteers

Are you looking to sit close to the action at a swim meet?

Do you want to find a way to watch your swimmer compete while sitting down?

Are you in need of volunteer hours to meet your family requirements?

We are in need of several people to train as computer operators. There are two computers which operate the timing system and collect event results at swim meets for each pool. These computers need to be manned at all times to ensure the swimmers get the proper times for their race and get the proper place and awards as well.

The beauty of working on a computer at swim meets:
2) You can work on the pool in which your swimmer is competing
3) You have the best view in the house: close to the action and able to see all lanes
4) This is a VERY easy job! One computer requires you to press three buttons after each race and record race numbers on the meet program (yes, you get a meet program working these positions). The other computer is operated by using a mouse or mousepad to click on a few different buttons on a screen.

1) You do not have to be computer savy, but need to know your way around a laptop computer
2) You have to stay engaged in the meet during the session
3) You have to be able to stay at the meet and work the entire session

The more people we can train on the computers the better. These positions always go open and many of them are being filled by parents with swimmers in high school. We really could use some younger parents to step into these roles!

Please email Matt Sprang ([email protected]) if you are interested or if you have any questions about the computer positions.