GPAC Team Apparel Information

Matthew Sprang

GPAC Team Apparel Information

GPAC TEAM CAPS: Each swimmer in our year-round program will receive 2 LATEX GPAC caps. Additional caps will be available for purchase at a later date. Silicone swim caps will also be available for purchase later in September.

T-SHIRTS, SWEATSHIRTS, HATS, PARENT SHIRTS, AND OTHER GREAT GPAC APPAREL: Each team member will receive 1 GPAC team t-shirt (GOLD). We will also be providing t-shirts to all swimmers attending any of our December team meets and are planning another team shirt for March championship meets. 

All swimmers need to have GPAC t-shirts for swim meets in GOLD, WHITE, and NAVY BLUE. Additional team t-shirts (as well as a lot of other great apparel for swimmers, parents, friends, family, and all GPAC supporters) are available NOW through our team store with Tummy T's: THIS STORE WILL CLOSE ON OCTOBER 2ND AND ITEMS WILL BE SHIPPED DIRECTLY TO YOU ABOUT 10 DAYS LATER. 

We not only want all of our swimmers wearing GPAC apparel on deck at meets, but we want to see our parents and other supporters wearing GPAC apparel on deck as volunteers and in the stands. 

PRACTICE EQUIPMENT, TEAM SUITS, WARM-UPS, BACKPACKS, AND PARKAS: All of this equipment is found on our team site with Swim Outlet: Items are shipped directly to you and shipping is free for orders over $49. 

If you need to know what practice equipment your swimmer needs for this season, please view that information here:

If you need to know what apparel your swimmer needs for swim meets, please view that information here:

Tummy T's Team Site: (closes Oct 2nd)

Swim Outlet Team Site: (always available)