Meet Worker Policy (amended July, 2016)

The team hosts swim meets for several reasons:
1) Provides added rental income for GCIT, keeping our practice rentals fees down
2) Provides added income for the team so that equipment can be purchased to help each team member become a better swimmer
3) Provides additional income for the program that is used to pay all expenses including rent and employee salaries without significantly raising team dues or the constant need for additional team fundraising
4) Provides competition opportunities for our team members without incurring increased travel expenses
5) Provides competition opportunities for the local and regional swimming community

Meets are a total team effort!  It takes the effort of parent volunteers working with the coaching staff and administrative staff to run successful swim meets.  GPAC is known for running some of the best swim meets in the Middle Atlantic area.  We will need approximately 1,300 jobs filled for our six swim meets this year.

Meet Worker Policy

GPAC runs 6 swim meets during throughout the year:
1) GPAC Intersquad Meet
2) Oktoberfest A/BB/C & Mini in October
3) Veterans Memorial A/BB/C & Mini in November

4) January A/BB/C & Mini Meet
5) Middle Atlantic Silver Championships in late March
6) GPAC Spring Classic Long Course meet in June

Team Administration Fee: $200 per family
$50 due by October 1
$100 due by November 1
$50 due by December 1

$150 of the team administrative fee will be refunded to you when your family's total requirement is completed.

Minimum Meet Hour Requirements by Group:
Mini – 10 meet session hours (approximately 2 meet sessions)
Bronze – 15 meet session hours (approximately 3 meet sessions)
Silver – 30 meet session hours (approximately 6 meet sessions)
Gold 1 & Gold 2 – 35 meet session hours (approximately 7 meet sessions)
Platinum B – 40 meet session hours (approximately 8 meet sessions)
National & Platinum A – 45 meet session hours (approximately 9 meet sessions)

The requirement is determined by the swimmers on your account in the highest group.

FAMILIES WITH MULTIPLE SWIMMERS: The amount of sessions for the "highest" child (by group level) and then five additional hours for each additional child on the team, with a maximum of 60 meet session hours (or approximately 12 meet sessions). 

Meet Worker Requirements:
1) Person completing the work must be at least 16 years of age
2) If someone outside of your family is completing a session requirement you must notify team administration of this so your account can be properly credited
3) You must sign up to work the session via the “Job Sign-up” function on our website at least 7 days prior to the first day of the meet.  Failure to do so does not relinquish you from your working obligation.  However anyone who signs up to work less than 7 days prior to the start of the meet will only receive half credit for the sessions they work at that meet.  (This is being done so that we have our workers set and ready to go well in advance of the meet and so that we do not have to send out multiple emails reminding everyone to sign up and/or make phone calls). 

Failure to work the minimum amount of sessions means you will not receive a refund on your team administrative fee.  Partial refunds will not be given.  If you leave the team prior to the fulfillment of your minimum requirement the entire Administrative fee will be forfeited.

Meets Hosted by Other Teams/Entities:
The above applies only to GPAC hosted meets.  We attend meets hosted by other teams or entities (such as Middle Atlantic Swimming) where meet workers may be assigned to each team based on the number of entries in the meet.  Sessions worked at these meets will not count toward fulfillment on the GPAC meet worker requirement.  Additionally, working at meets where workers from GPAC are not assigned will not count toward fulfillment of the GPAC meet worker requirement.

Meet Worker Incentive Program:
Any family who works more than the minimum session requirement for their family will receive financial compensation beyond the $150 refund of the Team Administrative Fee.  This award will be distributed as a credit on your account after the June meet.