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Team apparel to purchase through Swim Outlet:
team suit, warm-ups, bags, parkas

Team Uniform Policy

All swimmers must adhere to this policy at swim meets.  Swimmers will not be permitted to participate in a swim meet if they are not in compliance with the Team Uniform Policy.  It is suggested that all swimmers have a full GPAC warm-up suit.  However where this is not required, the GPAC team t-shirt and blue shorts, warm-up pants, or sweat pants are sufficient.  Only authorized GPAC team t-shirts are allowed.  Homemade t-shirts, pants, jackets, etc. are not allowed at any time while at a swim meet.  All swimmers should also get into the habit of wearing sneakers and socks (to keep the feet warm) between events at a swim meet.  Finally, swimmers are permitted to wear GPAC jackets or parkas on deck at a swim meet in instances where they would like to stay a bit warmer.  Jackets, parkas, bags, warm-ups, t-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, sweatpants or any other article of clothing that shows the name, slogan, or logo of another team (including summer league teams, high school teams, and the Middle Atlantic Zone team) are not permitted at swim meets at any time.  These items are also not to be worn at any time while on a team travel trip.

Swim Meet GPAC T-shirt policy (for all team members)
GPAC t-shirts are available in three different colors: blue, white, and gold.  Please follow this color coding for all swim meets.  All team members must have the three colors of GPAC t-shirts.

For meets that are 1 day in length: Blue GPAC shirts

For meets that are 2 days in length: wear blue t-shirts on day 1 and gold t-shirts on day 2

For meets that are 3 days in length: wear white t-shirts on day 1, blue t-shirts on day 2, and gold t-shirts on day 3.

For meets that are 4 days in length: wear gold on day 1, white on day 2, blue on day 3, and gold on day 4

For meets more than 4 days in length: coaches will indicate which t-shirts to wear prior to the meet

Uniform Requirements for Platinum A, National, and RW Senior group members

  • GPAC Warm-up (jacket and pants).  Only the selected warm-up is allowable, unless the swimmer already has a GPAC warm-up of another style.
  • Team Bag or Backpack (no other bags allowed on deck)
  • Team Lycra Meet Suit (in addition to technical racing suits)
  • 3 Team t-shirts (color coded appropriately)
  • Team swim cap

Uniform Requirements for RW Pre-Senior, Platinum B, Silver, and all Gold groups

  • GPAC Warm-up Jacket.  Approved warm-up jacket is available for sale through our team dealer, Swim Outlet. 
  • Team Lycra Meet Suit (in addition to a technical racing suit, which are optional)
  • 3 Team t-shirts (color coded appropriately)
  • Team Swim caps

Uniform Requirements for Mini and Bronze groups

  • GPAC Team Sweatshirt or GPAC Warm-up Jacket
  • Team Lycra Meet Suit (technical racing suits are NOT permitted at this level)
  • Team t-shirt (color coded appropriately)
  • Team Swim Cap

Team Swim Caps MUST be worn by any swimmer who’s hair (when wet) falls forward into the eyes or covers the ears.

Technical Racing suits include Aquablade, FSII, FS Pro, LZR, LZR Racer or other suit designed to reduce drag and/or increase compression for the swimmer.  These suits can only be worn by swimmers at certain swim meets AND when indicated by the coaching staff.  Unless told otherwise, all swimmers must wear their Team lycra style meet suit. 

All swimmers will receive 1 team t-shirt at the beginning of the season.  More t-shirts, sweatshirts will be made available through the Parents Association.  Order forms will be mailed out to everyone and these orders are usually placed three or four times a year: September, November, February, and (on rare occasions) May. 

All swimmers will receive two latex GPAC caps at the start of the season.  Additional latex caps are available for $8 each.  We also offer silicone GPAC caps for $14 each.  Please email [email protected] for purchase information.