Team Registration Information for 2022-2023


"We are not just developing swimmers, we are aiding in the development of great people who swim."

The Greater Philadelphia Aquatic Club is a year-round, USA Swimming program. Our program is designed to not only develop the individual as a swimmer, but aid in their development as a person, too. As a family of our program you will receive:

  • Professional coaching from the GPAC staff
  • The ability to attend meets and compete as a member of the Greater Philadelphia Aquatic Club. As an added bonus, many of the meets are held in our home pool!
  • All swimmers will have the ability to participate in our new Leadership Development Program, offered as a part of practice time
  • All swimmers 13 & older will have the ability to "give back" to the team and the community through various community service projects (hours can count toward other service requirements with other organizations).
  • All parents are invited and encouraged to take part in our Parent Education and Community Building activities conducted once per month.

These workshops allow you to learn more about GPAC and the sport of swimming in general as well as connect and share ideas with other GPAC parents in the interest of creating a stronger and brighter future for all of the swimmers and for the GPAC community.

Practices will begin in early September. Exact dates will be announced in mid-August. The season for our competitive team runs from September through May for most groups except National and Platinum A which runs September into August. We do offer a summer program for most of our groups which is a separate registration in the spring.

For descriptions of our practice groups and monthly costs:

CLICK HERE for our GCIT location groups

CLICK HERE for our RiverWinds location groups

Practice Attendance for Platinum A and National Groups: Swimmers are expected to maintain 80% practice attendance throughout the year (September through the beginning of August). NO OTHER GROUPS IN OUR PROGRAM AT ANY LOCATION HAVE AN ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENT.


CLICK HERE FOR ONLINE REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS - Registration is only done online through the secure GPAC website. You can also click the link at the top of this page to go to the registration start page.

We are again offering a high school Fall Warm-up group which will practice at GCIT on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings. This group is for high school aged swimmers (14-18) and is a non-competitive group aimed at getting the swimmers ready for high school swimming season. The program cost is $325 and is paid in full at the time of registration. The group will practice up until the start of high school swim season in November.


GPAC Swimming Seasonal Option at Riverwinds

The seasonal option is now available for swimmers who participate in other activities and cannot commit to the full year program. These swimmers will be in the same group as the full year swimmers.

Groups Available (at Riverwinds ONLY): Mini, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Pre-Senior, Senior

Seasons: Fall (Sept-Nov), Winter (Dec-Feb), Spring (March-May)


  1. Payment is due in full for the season at the time of registration
  2. USA Swimming membership is required (separate fee, paid directly to USA Swimming)
  3. Registration is only for the currently opened season
  4. The total number of swimmers (seasonal plus full year) will not exceed the set group caps

How to Register:

  1. Registration is done through the GPAC website.
  2. We will only open registration for one season at a time.
  3. Swimmers who are registered for the current season will have the ability to register for the next season first before we open the option up to new swimmers.
  4. There are no refunds whatsoever for any reason once you register and the transaction is completed

Registration Timeline:

  1. For the Fall season, registration is now open.
  2. Current seasonal swimmers must re-register for the next season by the 1st day of the last month of that season (November 1st if continuing from Fall to Winter; February 1st if continuing from Winter to Spring).
  3. Registration for new seasonal swimmers will open, based on space available in the groups, on a first come, first served basis on November 5th for the winter session and February 5th for the spring session.

2022-2023 Seasonal Option Costs:

RW Mini: $277

RW Bronze: $355

RW Silver: $440

RW Gold: $470

RW Senior: $564.00


Additional Cost

USA Swimming Flex Membership Fee: $20 per swimmer, paid one time

GPAC Team Administrative Fee: $85 per family, paid one time


What you get:

The swimmer will be a full member of the group they register for the three-month season. They will be able to attend all the group’s scheduled practices, up to two USA Swimming sanctioned meets (more meets can be swum if the USA Swimming membership is converted to a “full year” membership for an additional $65 on top of the Flex Membership fee), all team activities, and the seasonal unsanctioned intersquad meets held at Riverwinds (one each at the end of November, February, and May).