Team Registration Information for 2021-2022

The Greater Philadelphia Aquatic Club is a year-round, USA Swimming program. Our competitive team requires a financial commitment from September through May, even if this swimmer decides to leave the program early. If you cannot or do not want to make that commitment, scroll to the bottom of this page to check out our Freedom Squad, a seasonal, non-competitive program for swimmers with other activities which only requires a three month financial commitment.

CLICK HERE for a breakdown of our competitive vs. non-competitive team

Practices will begin in early September. Exact dates will be announced in mid-August. The season for our competitive team runs from September through May for most groups except National and Platinum A which runs September into August. We do offer a summer program for most of our groups which is a separate registration in the spring.

For descriptions of our practice groups and monthly costs:

CLICK HERE for our GCIT location groups

CLICK HERE for our RiverWinds location groups

Practice Attendance for Platinum A and National Groups: Swimmers are expected to maintain 80% practice attendance throughout the season (September through the beginning of August). NO OTHER GROUPS IN OUR PROGRAM AT ANY LOCATION HAVE AN ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENT.


CLICK HERE FOR ONLINE REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS - Registration is only done online through the secure GPAC website.

MINI GROUP REQUIREMENTS: The minimum ability requirements for the Intro group have changed to fall in line with swim lesson objectives for the top level.  In order to be recommended for the Intro group a swimmer must display the ability to do the following:
1) Freestyle swimming with side breathing for 15 yards
2) Backstroke swimming for 15 yards
3) Proper butterfly kick (with or without a kickboard) for 15 yards
4) Butterfly swim for 15 yards
5) Breaststroke kick (with or without a kickboard) for 15 yards
6) Breaststroke swim for 15 yards

If a swimmer is not at the level above they will be recommended for swim lessons and recommended to move into the Intro group once they have demonstrated mastery of the above tasks on a consistent basis.